The tangerine peel is the intense parts of the mandarin. These valuable parts often are peeled and thrown into the trash.
However, shells contain vitamin C rather than interior of the tangerine. It contains an antioxidant, an super flavonoid called tangerein. This special substance has promising effects in lowering bad cholesterol and sugar.
Mandarin shells also help to achieve a skin that looks beautiful and healthy.
How to dried tangerine peel? Drying the shells is easy and effortless. The important thing is that the tangerines to be used do not contain agricultural pesticides.
The inner white parts of the shells are painful. It is wise to separate these bitter parts from the shells with the help of a knife. It is also difficult to digest these parts. It can cause constipation.
After the white parts are separated, you can dry the shells on the stove or heating. If the ambient temperature is high, the shells can be dried even without a heat source.
It is also possible to dry in the oven set to the lowest heat. This method is fast.

What are the benefits of tangerine peel to skin? It is an ideal nutrient for skin with intense vitamin C content. Pore ​​cleanser has a peeling effect that reduces the appearance of cellulite. With these features, it is a product that is not available for homemade skin mask recipes.
Tangerine peel is also prevented from acne formation. It helps to quickly extinguish and not to re -exit the formed pimples. It has antibacterial properties.

The most beautiful and enjoyable form of consuming after drying the mandarin shells is to brew as tea.
Passing dried tangerines through the kitchen robot provides ease of use.
The shells can be brewed alone or with other herbal teas, such as green tea. It has an exquisite taste and a unique smell.
This tea also has an anti -constipation, regulating the digestive system.

How to evaluate the tangerine peel? What to do? In addition to brewing as tea, there are other ways to evaluate the shells you dry.
For example, dried and ground shells can be preferred as aroma in cakes, cookies, biscuits and creams.
In the construction of soup, a different taste can be obtained by throwing 1-2 pieces of cooking water in pulses.
Tangerine peel jam can be prepared. It can be evaluated in homemade acne and anti -cellulite skin care masks.
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