Blue Tea; Blue butterfly tea or blue butterfly winding tea, especially and primarily with the color of the human is a plant tea.
This tea is prepared with the blue, dried flowers of the plant (Blue Butterfly Pea).
[Button Link = “” newwindow = “Yes”] What? What does it do? This pleasant colorful, pleasant flavored and delicious tea also has various positive effects on health.
It is relaxing, helps you free from stress. It is supportive to deal with sleep problems.
It has an anti -constipation effect.
It slows hair loss and hair whitening.
Supports collagen production of the skin.
Hemorrhoid formation prevents the formation.
It has pain relief effect.
It has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.
There are various scientific studies that show that they are protective against cancer.
Does blue tea weaken? Blue butterfly tea is diuretic.
Hypertension is lowering. Because of this feature, it is thought to help to lose weight in a short time. It is another theory that this weight loss has a temporary effect.
Blue Tea; In our country, it is not a new, newly discovered tea. In traditional Chinese medicine, it has been used for centuries with memory strengthening, calming effects. Ayurvedik is among the herbal teas.
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Blue butterfly winding powder blue butterfly winding flowers are not only consumed as tea. It is also used as a natural food colorant. Velvety nails blue color is a striking color provider, especially in desserts and cakes.
Blue butterfly winding flower to be used as natural food coloring is dried and powdered and packaged. Blue butterfly winding powder is sold.
This dust has an important place especially in Thai cuisine. It is often preferred to color rice.
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How to make blue tea? Put 5-6 flowers in the cup for each cup. Add the hot water.
It is also a good option to give a completely different color to your tea by brewing together with Hibiskus.
You can serve hot or cold.
Blue Tea Karabaş herb? Karabaş grass is a kind of plant that grows spontaneously in mountainous lands in the Aegean and Mediterranean region. And he is a close relative of the lavender. Karabaş grass is also known as blue tea. The reason for this is that purple colored flowers give a blue or turquoise color to the water when brewed. The color of Karabaş tea is not as dark as blue butterfly tea and is a completely different aroma. In other words, the blue tea prepared with blue butterfly wrap tea and Karabaş grass is entirely two species. Both are very useful herbal teas for the body. Karabaş herb Latin name: Lavandula StoECHAS Blue ivy Flower Tea! You can safely obtain blue ivy flower tea from our website. Dried flower is sent. [Button Link = “” newwindow = “Yes”] Karabaş grass (blue tea) is also available on our website. [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] –

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