The oil glands around the eyes resemble tiny thin acne. They are yellowish or white.
They can be seen in adults, children or even infants.
Cause small oil glands around the eyes? In adults, there are a wide variety of reasons for the appearance of fat glands around this eye.
Laser treatments, irregular and inadequate sleep, smoking, unhealthy nutrition, skin cleansing and care are not given enough importance, excessive use of fat -based beauty products and long -term steroid use are some of these reasons.
The sebaceous gland on the eyelid is usually associated with high cholesterol.
Small oil glands around the eye often can often disappear. These oil glands do not have a negative effect on vision.
Sometimes it takes a few weeks to disappear of these oil glands, sometimes it becomes a little more stubborn and can take months for months.
It is also possible to shorten this process with external support.

How do the oil glands around the eyes pass? If visually disturbing, small interviews can be made to the extinction process of these oil glands.
There are various options to get rid of the glands.

Squeeze the oil gland, first of all squeezing the oil glands like acne, we should say that it is definitely not one of these options.
Squeezing the oil glands will not destroy them, but may cause the region to irritate and grab germs.
The inside of the glands is full of oil. Not by squeezing this oil, but with the support of expert, it is possible to remove it with appropriate medical equipment and to disappear. Support can be obtained from the expert dermatologist for this process.

What does it melt the oil glands? Support can be obtained from various natural and vegetable oils to destroy these glands. Castor oil and aloverra oil are the main ones.

Another herbal solution of the apple cider vinegar under the eye is to apply homemade vinegar with cotton auxiliary to these glands.
It is necessary to avoid direct contact of the vinegar when applying vinegar.
Homemade apple or grape vinegar may be preferred for this application.
Mask applications can also be made for oil glands under the eye. These masks usually consist of two basic materials. Vinegar and lemon. These two acidic food glands have a melting effect.
However, these two materials, which can irritate the rest of the skin with its intense acid content, must be applied by mixing with another material -like material -like material.
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