Uhut molasses, uhut dessert, uhut dessert, uhut molasses, uhut marmalade, wheat grass marmalade or hyacinth, or a recipe moved from the past to the present.
The origin of the recipe extends to Central Asia.
It is very laborious to prepare this dessert, which is the basic material sprouted wheat. Contrary to these sweet predictions, it does not contain additional sugar. The consistency and flavor comes from itself. Since it does not contain additional sugar and preservatives, this dessert is quite short since the lid is opened.
The desserts that are not opened and closed with canned technique can be stored for a long time.
The consistency of the molasses is like boza or riding chocolate. It is also consumed by applying bread. The color is brown and dark.
Traditionally, it is done in the winter season in homes. It is used for strengthening immunity.
It is known that cancer patients receiving chemotherapy use to gain strength after treatment.
https://egepazarindan.com/citmek-Nedir-migla-citirmak-tarifi/ Uhut molasses benefits? It has high iron content. Blood -making.
Strengthens immunity. Reduces the risk of developing diseases.
It gives the body vigorous and strength.
It is also thought to have anti -aging effects.
It is a rich source of protein and beta carotene.
It has anti -inflammatory, antiseptic properties.

How to Make Molasses (Dessert)? The construction of the dessert has spread to a long process and is laborious.
Wheats are sprouted in the dark, in large and perforated containers. Wheat grains and water are sufficient for sprouting.
The fact that the sprouting process is in the dark environment is especially important in order not to have a bitter taste of the dessert.
Wheats are not germinated, only sprout.
The holes in the container used are for the wheat to mold and get good air.
Water is added to wheat every 2-3 days.
When the wheat is giving head and growing up to 2 cm, the boiling stage of the dessert can be started.
The color of the sprouted wheat should be white, not green.
The sprouted wheats are gently tufted by hand and then beaten to remove water. A knocker or stone can be used for this process.
This water is mixed with less wheat flour.
Traditionally, the dessert is prepared in boilers and wood fire.
A multi -huge fever should not be used. And it should be mixed frequently to prevent the dessert from holding the bottom.
As the Uhut dessert cooked, it will be pelled and its color will darker. This indicates that the dessert is ready.
The cooked dessert is filled into sterile jars and rested for cooling.
Uhut molasses is ready for consumption when it completely cools down. Molasses whose cover opens must be stored in the refrigerator.
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