The natural ways to get rid of lice and even the natural ways to protect from lice are very diverse. Let’s take a look at the natural solutions of the problem of lice and vinegar, which is commonly seen in children and adolescents!
Hair lice is very easily transmitted in crowded environments such as school. It can survive for 1 or 2 days outside the body.
Vinegar known as the egg of lice can remain alive for 8-10 days outside the human body.
There are some precautions that can be taken when the natural ways to protect from lice are not infected with lice and vinegar yet.
At this point, various vegetable oils will come to your help.

Which smell does not come to? Especially:
Lavender oil and lavender juice
Tea tree oil
Rosemary oil
Campus oil
Mango Oil are natural oils that you can get support against vinegar and lice. ]
These odors are the odors that lice do not like. Adding a few drops of natural oil to your shampoo or choosing natural shampoos containing these oils will keep lice and vinegar away from your hair.

The exact solution to getting rid of lice is what we can do when vinegar and lice settled in the hair and how can we get rid of it.
There are some simple methods that must be applied simultaneously to get rid of lice.
With these methods, it takes up to 2 weeks to get rid of vinegar and lice.
First of all, shortening the hair will facilitate the work.
Later, before applying for chemical supports, a mechanical cleaning is of great importance.
This is a simple combed comb for mechanical cleaning. The hair is frequently combed to purify the vinegar on the bottom of the hair.
What are the natural ways to get rid of the bit?
How to Clean Lice With Olive Oil? Before the scanning process, the hair bottoms will shorten your time to get rid of lice and vinegar with olive oil or almond oil.
All the sheets, linen, towels and similar fabrics used are washed by washing and purifying vinegar is also part of an operation!
It is possible to get support from essential oils in order to get rid of lice that invades your hair.
Essential oils should be diluted in some oil such as olive oil and coconut oil before applying to the hair.
Children are sensitive to volatile oils. Before use, a small area of ​​the skin should be trial against allergic reaction.
Essential oils that you can use to get rid of lice naturally:
tea tree oil
lavender oil
clove oil
eucalyptus oil
anise oil
cinnamon oil
Thyme oil and thyme juice
Mint oil
1 small tea cup of olive oil into 15 to 20 drops of essential oil and mix. Apply this mixture to the scalp using cotton. The mixture should remain on the scalp for at least 12 hours. At the end of the 12 -hour period, the hair should be combed well and washed by shampoo.
What are the natural ways to get rid of the bit?
Does cologne kill lice? It is not a good method to be preferred in the fight against lice, which is thought to be effective on lice due to alcohol it contains.
Cologne will irritate the skin and scalp in a short time. It can cause redness, itching, rash and further problems in the head.
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