Apple pectin is a completely natural sugar and consistency that allows you to make delicious jams, marmalades and even jellies without the addition of sugar.
What is pectin? How to use pectin? It is naturally found in fruits. However, it is necessary to follow the various process steps in order to be released.
You can buy pectin ready or prepare it yourself. Your own apple pectin will be much healthier and delicious than those who are definitely ready.
Ready pectins may contain a wide range of chemicals, including the most innocent lemon salt.
It is the most beautiful and natural alternative to animal -based gelatins, such as fruit pectin beef gelatin.

Where is pectin? Although pectin is widely prepared with apples, it can be obtained from a wide variety of fruits such as strawberry, peach, orange, grapefruit, quince and apricot.

How to Make Apple Pektiin? Preparing pectin is not too challenging. You don’t even need to separate the apples you use from the seeds.
Slice the apples is enough!
2 kg Apple
5 cups of drinking water
2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
Preparation of
Wash the apples well and divide them into four. And take it into a medium -sized pot.
Add the water and lemon juice on the apples.
The quarry is close over medium heat. Continue the boiling process until the water in the saucepan goes down.
During the cooking process, the lid of the pot should be half -open. Don’t forget to mix apples from time to time.
When the water falls in half, pass the mixture through a clean cheesecloth.
Put the resulting water again and cook over 15 minutes lower heat.
After the second cooking process, you can join your apple pectin.
Be sure to store the jars in the refrigerator. It is also possible to throw it into the freezer for longer storage.
However, if it is stored at room temperature, you will deteriorate and become unusable in a short time.
You can use this pect in the production of marmalade, jam and jelly that do not contain natural and additional sugar.
Enjoy your meal.

Which apple should use for apple pectin? Contrary to your estimates, the largest and most mature apples are not the most popular.
On the contrary, apples with small size, semi -mature, green and sour apples are the ideal apples for obtaining pectin. This is because the fruit greatly increases pectin production during the growth phase.

You do not need to change your own jam recipe too much when using pectin in making jam with pectin.
It is sufficient to remove artificial sugar from the recipe and add apple pectin.
However, it is difficult to specify a certain amount of how much amount of pectin you will add. This will vary depending on the amount of pectin that you use. The amounts of pectin of the fruits may vary greatly according to the species, ripening amount and season.
The best way to explore the ideal ratio is trial and error.
There is no need for additional consistency increasing when preparing jam with pectin. Pectin will serve as both sugar and natural consistency.

What are the benefits of apple pectin? This natural sweetener you get is not only functional but also healthy.
Some of the positive effects of apple pect’s health on health are as follows:
Helps regulate blood sugar.
It alleviates diarrhea and constipation. Regulates the intestines.
Supports heart health.
It regulates cholesterol.
It helps to remove heavy metals accumulated to the body out of the body.
Acid reflux can alleviate complaints.
It makes hair and skin look healthier and more shiny.
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