Dry brushing technique; It is a massage technique where we can add to our daily life routine and apply to ourselves.
The source of this technique is based on Ayurveda medicine. And regular applications are thought to have a wide range of benefits on health.
For massage, hard hairy brushes made of long or short -handled, non -synthetic material are used. This is usually preferred as a brush of horse hair.
What are the benefits of dry brushing? Helps the body to purify the dead skin.
Helps the body get rid of toxins.
Increases blood circulation.
Stimulates the lymphatic system.
Helps get rid of cellulite.
It is effective in getting rid of the wrecks.

How to brush legs with legs? Starting from the feet to the application upwards. You can choose a brush with long handles in terms of leg applications.
Brush your legs with wide, circular and polite movements.
The application time should take up to 2 minutes.
Remember to moisturize the skin after the application.

Dry brushing before or after sports? If you are doing active sports, it is wise to apply dry brush immediately after the sport. In this way, sport -related muscle pain will alleviate.

Dry brushing capillaries have complained about significant Kılcan vascular roofs after some users of some users. Such complaints often occur as a result of applications made by pressing too much in very dry and light skin.
In order to avoid complaints such as capillaries, the application should be done politely without applying too much pressure.
Moisturizing the skin after brushing is of great importance at this point.
In addition, it is recommended that people with complaints such as psoriasis and eczema should consult their doctor before a dry body brush.
In open wounds, brushing should not be performed in infected and sensitive areas.

Dry brushing varicose veins you need to avoid applying directly with a brush.
Dry body brush is very effective in getting rid of cellulite. However, it is not possible to talk about a similar positive effect on varicose veins.

Is dry brushing done on the face? It is not recommended to apply in areas that are very sensitive and thin -skinned in your body.
The entire facial area is included in areas that are not suitable for brushing, easy to irritate.
Do not apply dry body brush on your face.
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