Reishi mushroom is called as “mushrooms of immortality .. There are many researchers who examine their effects. “Medical Mushrooms” class. The most important reasons for being preferred:
Supporting the immune system
Increasing body resistance against stress
Increasing mental strength and clarity
To raise the energy and vitality of the body.
The experiments with mice for the reishi fungus, which is also known as “Long Life Plant ,, show that the life of the reishi extract mice can extend up to 20 %!
[Button Link = “” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] Reishimantari can grow spontaneously in nature. But it is very rare and it is very difficult to find. For this reason, a controlled, agricultural production is a kind of mushroom. Limited production in Turkey.
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Reishi; It has a bright color, plastic appearance. With this appearance, it resembles a non -real non -living plastic vegetable. This special mushroom, red, orange purple, black can be of many different colors.
But the red reishi mushroom is much more valuable than other color. The reason for this is that the amount of polysaccharide contained in red ones is higher.

How to use Reishi Mushroom? Reishi Mushroom; After drying, it is widely used as tincture, as tea, in the form of herbal food supplements.
Reishi is also consumed freshly. The contact with the hot causes the useful components to be activated and the increase in the benefit provided.

What is the reishi mushroom benefit? Reishi contains 400 different and valuable components. As a result of these components, this mushroom:
Supports autophage. This means the discharge of garbage at the cellular level.
It contributes positively to intestinal health, is prebiotic!
Blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar balancing.
It makes the body more resistant to stress. Stress may be physically or psychological.
It is known that seasonal allergies reduce the effects.
Supports liver functions.
It supports the healthy sleep cycle and shortens the time of falling asleep.
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Reishi mushroom tea is easy to use and store the reish. This powder form can often be consumed by brewing tea. In addition, drinks, soups can be added little by little.
Ingredients for tea:
45-50 gr powder reishi mushroom (if possible, in powder or dried and sliced ​​state)
1 liter clean drinking water
Dust or sliced ​​reishi 1 liter of clean water is boiled and boiled for 3 hours on very low heat. To filter, a coffee filter or a frequently woven cotton cloth can be used.
The taste of the tea may be painful, this taste can be used by mixing with fruit juice if you want to be suppressed.
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