Arnica flower is known for its benefits beyond decorating the gardens with its pleasant appearance.
This flower, a member of the sunflower family and resembles daisies; The internal use of arnica, which often used in cream or gel form, is also involved.
Creams, ointments and gels prepared with Arnica flower are most commonly used to relieve muscle and joint pain and bruises.
It is the component of the helenaline, which is the source of the anti-inflammatory effects of anti-inflammatory effects. This component is a very toxic substance in purified. For this reason, it is necessary to dilute when applying to the skin.
What is Arnica flower good for? The plant, which has a place in alternative medicine, most often;
Joint and muscle pain,
Arthritis pain,
Used for skin bruises.
In addition, creams, ointments and gels;
Wound healing,
Postoperative pain,
Under -eye bruises can be used for edema and swelling.
Since the plant is poisonous, it should be processed by experts. The plant is frequently processed by a small amount and dilution in the products.

Arnica flower tea can also be sold as Arnica tea. However, large doses of Arnica consumption can be poisonous.
The internal use of the aricism is not recommended as long as it is not diluted correctly and is under expert control.
It is not recommended by pregnant and breastfeeding women.
What does the Arnica pill do? It is often preferred for pain relief effects such as creams and gels designed for external use in pill -shaped products.
Fuzyler traumas, muscle pain and muscle hardness, swelling caused by injuries, arnica pills can be used for bruising.

How to make Arnika oil? What are the benefits? Two simple materials are needed to make Arnika oil: fresh Arnika flowers and oil.
Since the flowers have the most powerful effect, it is recommended to collect just before the leaves are completely opened.
A quality dining oil should be translated when choosing oil. In the simplest way, cold -squeezed olive oil can be used. Apart from olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, sesame oil can be preferred.

How to make? Fill the fresh flowers in a clean jar.
Add enough oil to the jar.
Close the jar and leave to rest in a place that does not take for at least 4 weeks and does not take the sun.
Shake the jar 1-2 times a day. (This reduces the risk of mold)
At the end of the time, strain the flowers with a clean cheesecloth and transfer your Arnica oil into a black jar and store it in a cool place.
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