Sesame Paste Recipe, Homemade!
Would you like to prepare your own sesame crush at home? If your answer is yes, let’s share with you the tricks of this business!
We will say that we will say that it is a must for quality sesame seeds, of course, to have quality thirst. Light colored, separated from its shell, imported and GMO sesame seeds will of course not be replaced by local Gökova sesame seeds, nor will it ever keep it in terms of quality.
[Button Link = “ If you roast sesame seeds, a more accustomed flavor will emerge. When the sesame is roasted, it will release its oil and smell.
During the roasting process, we recommend that you do not use high fever. Passing sesame seeds over low heat helps you get an ideal flavor by mixing a slightly short -term roasting process.
You will need a kitchen robot to grind the sesame seeds you roast or use raw. A standard kitchen robot, of course, does not replace traditional or modern tools specially designed for sesame persecution, but in the home environment, sesame szam will be useful to taste the taste of the paste.
How to make sesame nozzle? Put as much sesame sesames to consume in the kitchen processor. 4-5 tablespoons will be ideal for 2 people. We recommend you to prepare the sesame crush fresh, as much as you can consume.
If you have not roasted sesame seeds, your sesame seeds will not leave the oil. Therefore, adding a little bit of an additional vegetable oil makes your job easier. According to your request; You can use coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, hazelnut oil or any other vegetable oil in your home.
If you roast your sesame seeds before the application, you do not need to add additional vegetable oil. The oil of roasted sesame seeds will be sufficient.
Use your kitchen robot to rest. Open the lid of your machine in between and mix your sesame seeds with the help of a spoon. Running the machine without interruption may cause you to burn the engine of your machine. Mixing for about 10 minutes will be enough.
It’s that simple! It’s ready for homemade sesame crush! Enjoy your meal!
It wants you to crush homemade sesame seeds, you can consume it by mixing it with molasses or honey. You can put it on your bread or enjoy this unique flavor.
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