The shapes of crystal stones are as important as their colors. Amethyst, quartz or aquamarin… Valuable crystals used for various purposes such as abundance, fertility, peace, money, love can be in many different ways.
If the colors of these crystal stones tell us how to have the stone, the form of the crystal gives us very important information about the nature of the stone.
Experts emphasize that the shape of a crystal does not affect the type of energy it has emitted, that is, does not change the purpose of its use, that the shape of the shape affects our way of receiving this energy.
So it is important to choose a crystal shape that matches well with your intention and you. It will support you faster and more appropriate towards your goal.
What do the shapes mean? Which will be more suitable for you. Let’s examine the crystal forms and their characteristics more closely.
The shapes and features of the crystals focus on 5 most widely used crystal shapes!
Pyramid shape
Crystal Pyramids are the best shapes to help to hit our desires and desires.
The strong foundations of the pyramid form acts as a basis for our intention.
The peak of the pyramid is the part that is responsible for sending intention to the universe.
Cube shape
If you need some grounding vibrations in your life, a cube -shaped crystal can be a perfect precious stone for you.
In order to protect your own spaces, cube -shaped stones are ideal to place them in the corners of the rooms.
Shapes of crystal stones spherical shape
Sphere -shaped crystals remind you that you are a part of the whole.
The zen energy emitted by sphere -shaped crystals makes these shapes accompanied by unique meditation.
Crystal point
If you are looking for support for focus, crystal points are ideal for you.
It is spreading your wishes to the universe with its pointed edge. It makes it easy to stay in the right position and balance.
Heart shape
Heart -shaped crystals are usually not naturally formation. In this way, they are cut by cutting. But still strong love can be considered as emitters.
It is regenerating to meditate with a heart -shaped crystal to activate the heart chakra.
Cluster shape (crystal cluster)
In this way, it can be considered as a cluster of crystal points in natural states.
It is ideal for bringing a feeling of unity to a cluster crystal environment, strengthening the bonds of family and other relationships.
Cluster -shaped crystals to the common areas of your home; Placing it in the hall, living room is a good idea. It can also be preferred in meeting rooms in workplaces.
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