Amyris oil; It is a rare essential oil that is less known. Amyris, which will help you cope with the stress of daily life, is ideal for people who like woody odors.
If you like scents like sandals and vetiver, you will probably love Amyrise!
Generally produced by steam distillation; It helps to focus, to clarify the mind.
Amyris oil is an ideal intensity oil, as well as a volatile oil that you can include in your skin care routine.
Amyrisi is obtained from the body and branches of Amyris, a citrus plant. The flowers of the plant are not used for this process.
Oil is very laborious to obtain. The transaction may last for days.
The color of the oil is pale yellow or brownish yellow, thick structure. Unusual way, the aroma of the oil may change as you wait. And it takes a more pleasant aroma.
What are Amyris essential oil properties? How does it smell? This oil naturally has antiseptic, balsamic, soothing, calming effects.
It is among the ideal volatile oils for use during meditation.
It also has muscle relaxant, skin softening and soothing properties.
Amyris has a sweet and warm smell. It is an ambitious and prominent smell with citrus and vanilla notes.

How to use Amyris Oil? It is most commonly used as incentive oil. Even when the oil is in its own bottle, smelling can help you calm down and settle your mood.
In the therapeutic massage, it is preferred as massage oil.
It is also known that it is added to creams and perfumes in the cosmetic industry. If you wish, you can add this oil to your own products as a few drops.

Is Amyris Essential Oil Good for Skin? It has a slowing effect on aging effects.
Prevents irritation and soothes the skin, softens.
It also helps to prevent wrinkles and symptoms of premature aging.

Is it the same as Amyris sandalwood? Amyris essential oil is also called “West Indian Sandal Tree”.
Amyris essential oil is a sandal -like aroma. And it is often used as a more cost -effective substitution for sandalwood.
However, essentially these two plants are not based on botanical. Amyris essential oil is also completely different from sandalwood essential oil in terms of components.

Is Amyris Oil Safe? This oil is one of the oils used for skin care. However, like other essential oils, Amyris should be diluted with a carrier oil and applied to the skin.
In order to prevent a possible allergic reaction, it is applied to a small area in the wrist before the general use of the skin.
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