It is a delicious, delicious sweet snack with honey, honey with plenty of sesame, honey -specific honey specific to the Muğla region.
As the name implies, it has a crispy taste. This low -material recipe made even at weddings in the region is a nutritious and delicious catering. It is particularly preferred in winter after sesame harvest.
Even though not in other regions, you can easily prepare it yourself at home.
The most important element that adds flavor to the taste of this recipe, which you can think of as a traditional, low -material granola or croquet, is of course the quality of sesame used.
Çiğa Gökova sesame is used in the production of fenced. Sesames should be roasted just before the recipe.
Sesame Past (Sesame Tattoo) is another sesame local taste, sesame seeds (sesame seed mix) similar to the fenced recipe.
Sesame tattooing is prepared using molasses instead of honey, unlike bumping and cooking.
Rarely, firm can be done with molasses.
Harnup or grape molasses is generally preferred in sesame seed mixture.
Sesame seeds are beaten and mixed directly with molasses. The resulting taste is similar to a mixture of tahini. Let’s come to our recipe!
The recipe of fanging is basically prepared with only 2 ingredients with honey and sesame seeds. No additional oil or sugar is entered into fist. Peanuts, walnuts, almonds can be used to decorate. It can also be served simply.
250 g Çiğ Gökova Gold Sesame (shelled)
250 gr flower honey (can also be made with pine honey on request)
Peanuts, almonds or walnuts to decorate them
Preparation of
Raw sesame seeds are constantly stirring over medium low heat and roasted until the color is slightly darker.
When the sesame seeds are roasted, the stove took thoroughly and honey is added.
Sesame and honey smell over low heat and cook until the mixture starts to foam.
When the cooking is completed, the mixture is poured into a greased glass debt. It is decreased on it, pressing it on the mixture and tightened.
After waiting for 5 – 10 minutes, the sweet slice is sliced. And it is cooled and left to rest for hardening.
Served when it cools completely.
Enjoy your meal.
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