Cat claw winding or cat claw grass (Cat’s Claw) is a tropical, climbing plant.
This plant is used both as an ornamental plant due to its pleasant appearance and as a food supplement because of its effects on health.
Cats Claw plant; It is claimed that it helps to fight a number of disorders, including infection, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.
However, only some of these benefits have been supported by science.
What is cat claw? Latin name: Uncaria Tomentosa
It is a plant that can extend up to 30 meters in length and blooms with prickly, yellow flowers. It was named after a hooked thorns like a cat’s claw.
It is mainly a plant that grows in tropical regions, especially the Amazons.
It is the species of the plant, especially in the cat claw food supplement capsules. How to use it? Apart from the capsules, it is possible to find the cat’s claw in liquid, dust or in the form of dried herbal tea.
The root parts of the plant and the outer shell has been a place in the traditional medicine of South America for centuries. Local people used these shells and roots especially in the healing of infection -based complaints and inflammation.

What are the benefits of cat claw? What does it do? Cat claw winding; It contains phenolic acids, alkaloids and flavonoids that can improve health.
Cats Claw is considered by scientists that the essence of the Claw can support the immune system and reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Studies on this issue are still going on.
viral infection
high blood pressure
stomach and intestinal disorders
ovarian cysts
AIDS is other cases that are believed to be useful.

What are the damage to cat claws? Cat’s Claw side effects can cause some side effects such as nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea if high levels of tannin in cat claws are consumed in large amounts.
Case reports reveal that the negative effects on low blood pressure, increased risk of bleeding, nerve damage, anti-ostrogen effects and kidney function.
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