Eucalyptus oil; It has a intense but fresh smell, among the oils with strong antimicrobial and anti -inflammatory effect. With these features, it is known that the use of therapeutic use for centuries ago is widespread.
Asthma, colds, sleep problems, foot mushroom, gum inflammation is a product that supports a wide range of problems.
Is eucalyptus oil dripped on the pillow? Eucalyptus essential oil is refreshing, relaxing and breathing. You can use the eucalyptus oil with the help of a diffuser or incense. Dripping a few drops of eucalyptus to towels, pillows, cupboards and cleaning water will also make significant differences.
A few drops of oil that you will drop on the pillow will provide better quality and long -term sleep. Let’s take a closer look at eucalyptus oil, which has increased its popularity lately! Let’s find answers to how to use it, what are the side effects!
The roots, flowers and leaves of the eucalyptus plant are suitable for use. The leaves are generally preferred for oil.
Eucalyptus oil also finds its place in expectorant drugs.
In the 1700s, this special oil was used in hospitals to clean the region and prevent the wound from grabbing germs. In other words, the eucalyptus, as well as disinfectant task, and also supported the closure of the wound without leaving fast and trace.
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Is Eucalyptus essential oil effective for muscle pain? The effect of muscle and joint pain of eucalyptus oil is supported by scientific data.
Fat, which is frequently preferred by athletes to relax the muscles after challenging training, provides passive heating in the muscles, painkiller.

Is eucalyptus oil used for hair? Oil, which has a healing effect for damaged hair, also relieves dandruffed skin. It provides fast hair growth.
Mushroom -induced spills on hair and skin also have therapeutic effect.
It is also very effective against lice.

Is eucalyptus fat effective for sinusitis? Eucalyptus is a refreshing plant. It will be relieved by the treatment of mist in hot water that you will prepare with its own oil.
It helps to open the sinuses and the clogged nose and help to breathe more easily.
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Eucalyptus essential oil mosquito repellent effect eucalyptus essential oil is a must in the content of natural fly repellents suitable for the use of infants and children.
It is not recommended to apply the oil directly to the skin to keep mosquitoes away. In a incense, simply drop 8-10 drops of oil into the water.

If eucalyptus oil poisoning is used in an eucalyptus oil, a specialist should be consulted and approval should be taken before.
If you have complaints such as vomiting, eye darkening, stomach pain or nausea, difficult breathing, intense diarrhea after internal use of oil, you should definitely go to the doctor. These may be a symptom of eucalyptus oil poisoning.
If you show an allergic reaction to eucalyptus oil, remember that you will probably react to tea tree oil, which is likely from similar family!
This oil is not recommended by children and pregnant women.
It is not correct to apply directly to the skin without watching eucalyptus essence oil. In direct use, reactions such as itching, redness and rash are frequently observed.
After mixing with a base oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, application should be applied to the skin.
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