Sidr leaf; Sidir leaf, sidre or Arabia cherry leaf, also known as the “Arabia’s leaves of a tree -specific tree.
Sidir tree and Trabzon palm known as the tree is one of the similar families. But there are two completely different species.
Sidr leaves are burned as incense and used for spiritual purification. In addition, it is thought to have various health benefits. [Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] // sidr tree leaf The leaves are specific to Arabia. It is possible to reach these special leaves in our country. However, there are also many counterfeit products that are sold as a tree leaf in the market and are essentially si. Only the leaves imported from Arabia are original.

What are the benefits of sidr tree leaf? It is known that Sidr leaves support especially healthy hair growth and are effective in the fight against baldness.
It is also thought to slow down hair whitening.
For this purpose, sidr shampoos specially prepared with leaves and sidr soap are also available.
After brewing the leaves like tea, it is another method to wash the hair with water. Leaves can be used by brewing more than once.
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