Cinnamon ritual is a ritual that you can do on the first day of each new month. The main purpose of the ritual is to attract the abundance, abundance and money to our lives, as well as calling the new moon to pass positive and auspicious.
Cinnamon ritual is known to have been used since ancient times to draw money and abundance into the household. There are a wide variety of ways to include cinnamon in rituals.
Cinnamon with high power vibrations is an ideal natural ritual tool.
There are rituals that can be applied with cinnamon or cinnamon cinnamon.
Some of these rituals are easy to pass.
For example, you can carry a piece of shell cinnamon in your wallet to increase the fertility of your income. Or you can drop cinnamon oil up to 2-3 drops of your wallet.
Another easy application is to add 4-5 drops of cinnamon oil to cleaning water while cleaning the household. This oil can help to reinforce the welfare and fertility of the household.
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New moon cinnamon ritual (dust cinnamon ritual) [/Button] This ritual is usually made on the first day of the new moon and dust cinnamon is used. Take a small amount of dust cinnamon right handful. Close your palm. Go to the door of your household or workplace. Blow the dust cinnamon in your hand from outside the door in a breath. Allow the cinnamon to stay on the ground for at least 24 hours. Do not focus on anything that is negative throughout the ritual. Just focus on good and beautiful. Imagine that your household is filled with goodness, abundance and fertility.

“Like a fairy, I blow the great energies of abundance to you.” Burning cinnamon at home to make rod cinnamon for blessings is another ritual. Cinnamon sticks help to rise the abundance frequency of consciousness. With its high, sweet and pure vibrations, cinnamon reminds you that you are worthy of this abundance, money and all other wonderful things. How to Burn Cinnamon Cinnamon? It is not always easy to burn the rods. It is wise to ignite them on the stove, throw them directly into the fireplace, or to burn with natural incense materials that are easier to burn in a deep bowl after they have been divided into small pieces.

Another pleasant fragrant spice, which is associated with abundance and fertility, like cinnamon (yenibahar ritual), is a new scented spice. The new spring is often used to reinforce abundance and abundance. Yenibahar boiling ritual is made especially on the first day of the new month.

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