Have you heard the name Annatto before?
Annatto or Achiote; It is a red plant extract used to color food, textile and even body care products.
It is also known as lipstick shrub in our country. Rarely, cultivation is done as an ornamental plant.
Annatto essence comes from Achiote shrub seeds and is mainly used as a natural food color.
Annatto seed plant is specific to South America. Achiote seeds produced in this region have been used by local people for centuries both as spices and for healing purposes.
The color that gives the color is the seed parts of the plant. The seeds are completely red. However, when used on foods, it gives them orange and yellow color in bright structure.
For example, cheddar is like the yellow color of cheese.
Latin Name: Bixa Orellana
In addition to the coloring feature;
Reduce acid,
Killing harmful bacteria,
fight against free radicals
And it is thought to have many health benefits such as lowering blood pressure.
Ancient civilizations used the plant by brewing tea to treat skin complaints and put them on the face and skin.
In the traditional use of the plant, the crushed seeds of the Achiote bush are used by adding water.
What are the Annatto damages? Achiote leaves are thought to be one of the richest sources of Tokotienol.
Tocotrienols are known for its limiting effect on bad type LDL cholesterol that block the arteries of the liver.
It is also suggested that the plant is also a strong digestive assistant.
However, if plant seeds are to be used as a colorant, the condition becomes a little more complicated.

There are studies that suggest that the seed parts of Annatto Color Annatton may be directly related to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
It can also trigger the complaint of itching and rash on the skin.
In summary, some people may show sensitivity to this substance. In this case, they may need to stay away from the foods in which the substance is used as a colorant.
Annatto E Code: It is known as E160 (B).
It is referred to with this code on packaged foods.

What foods is this substance used to color? Usage area is very wide:
Various cheeses, especially cheddar cheese
Grain and Grain Products
Chips and other snacks
Cooked ready chicken and chicken products
Ready popcorn
Light -colored ice creams (such as vanilla, walnut)
Some capsule -shaped drugs, vitamins and minerals sold in prescription and without prescription

Is Annatto Color Halal? Yes, such colorants are one of the colorants in halal status.
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