Mexican watermelon is also an interesting fruit with its cute appearance that resembles a Cucalon or Mexican cucumber tiny watermelon.
This extraordinary fruit; He is a distant relative of cucumber. And it is usually consumed freshly without any processing, as it usually breaks from its branch.
The sizes are usually up to large grapes.
You can easily grow these fruits with a pleasant citrus aroma that resembles cucumbers and you can easily grow them in your garden or balcony!
Tropical fruit that looks like watermelon! Cucalons find buyers at high price. However, it is very easy to grow and highly efficient fruits. Type; Many differences are naturally resistant to diseases and insects.
The initial development of the fruit is slow, but it accelerates as time passes.
Seedlings with fine branches have a delicate appearance, but they are really resistant to garden pests and challenging weather conditions.

When to meet Mexican watermelon? Fruits are harvested very soon after the flowers bloom.
Small fruits are usually stored behind the leaves.
The ideal times of the year for harvest usually lasts throughout July and August.
If it is left in the branch of fruits for a long time, this time the tastes will evolve from dessert to sour.

When is the cucamelon seed planted? Tiny watermelons, which can be grown from seed, are usually rooted in the interior in spring and then moved to the soil, to its original place.
Rooted seedlings like plenty of sun and heat. For this reason, planting is usually done in full sun areas. nler-tadi-nasil/
Where does CuCamelon grow? The homeland of this cute fruit is Central America.
Tropical regions, heat and sun -loving fruit can be easily grown in the hot coastal parts of our country.

Moxican watermelon pickle is the most common freshly consumed fruit is another widespread consumption of the fruit.
Preparation of pickles is not difficult.
1 cup of Mexican Watermelon
Half Tea Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1 teaspoon of rock salt
5-6 new new
5-6 black pepper
A small pinch of anise
1 Medium Size Dry Root Turmeric
Clean drinking water as much as you buy – hot-
Preparation of
After washing watermelons, divide it into two or use it.
Pickles of watermelons divided into two will be ready more quickly.
Place the watermelons in the glass jar tightly with all other material. Boil on them and add the hot water that you are still warm.
Close the lids tightly and let them rest in room heat for at least 2 days. This period can be extended until 2 weeks.
After opening the jars, always keep in the refrigerator.
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