What is Atalık Seed? Atalık Seed; Horse seeds, local seeds, local seed names are also referred to. These seeds are the seeds that have not been played with the genetics of DNA in Anatolia for centuries. Seeds taken from vegetables and fruits obtained from horse seeds are seeds that can be reproduced by planting in the following season. They can be used even in hundreds of years. They are not barren or hybrid. They are fertile, continuous and sustainable. Local seeds; It is pure, natural. Not played with genetic sequences. The structure of the seeds was not intervened by human hand. Domestic seeds are endangered with the emergence of hybrid seeds.
It is very important to transfer and reproduce these seeds that have managed to adapt to the environment, climate and soil conditions of their region to future generations.
Native seeds need less water and fertilizer than hybrid seeds. Some are more resistant to diseases and pests. Domestic seeds are superior in terms of nutritional values ​​and flavor! “New tomatoes have neither taste nor smell”, “the current corn like a sugary, they stick to the tooth”, “the taste of vegetables now like straw” like this, we all hear and say so much. Old vegetables no longer taste the fruits, yes. The reason for this is that local seeds are abandoned and genetically played; Rapidly preferring hybrid and GMO seeds that can provide durable products. These seeds quickly give products, yes, but it is also clear that they are low and less delicious! What is hybrid seed? Hybrid seed is hybridized, mixed seed. It is obtained by crossing the two different plants of the same species. Hybrid seeds are durable and can adapt to different air and soil conditions.
The life of hybrid seeds is up to October 1. It is not possible to take new seeds from the fruit and vegetables obtained with hybrid seeds and continue production with these seeds for years. These seeds are not fertile. For years, it is not possible to transfer from generation to generation. Those who produce with hybrid seeds must buy new seeds over and over again every year. The fruits and vegetables produced with hybrid seeds are weak in terms of nutrition and they cannot be said to be delicious enough. Hybrid seeds require intensive agricultural spraying. Otherwise, they will easily become ill and cannot give cases. It is known that very intense agricultural drugs are often used in productions made with hybrid seeds. What is GMO seeds? GMO seeds, produced by human hand in the laboratory, is not natural, not natural. These artificial seeds played with genetics cause even the soil they are planted. The damages of GMO seeds to nature, environment, soil and water are often irreversible damages. Such seeds are harmful to human health and cause serious diseases. They contain intensive chemicals. It is absolutely not possible to use these seeds over and over again. For our future! Hand seeds! The presence of hybrid and GMO seeds also threatens the existence and biological diversity of domestic seeds. For our health, for our children, for future generations, for nature, we should avoid hybrid and GMO seed and seed products. We must multiply and share local seeds. We should harvest our own cases with domestic seeds. Even if we live in cities, we can grow our own product in a small hobby garden, balcony or in a small flowerpot. This activity is as enjoyable as well as healthy. We must be instrumental in meeting our children with soil and seed. We should support manufacturers who prefer domestic seeds! You can reach local seeds and products produced with these local seeds through Egepazarindan.com. local seeds Buy now You can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.