He is a lesser known member of the Nedenian family, which arouses astonishing with the appearance of Buddha.
It is also referred to as fingered tree melon.
If you say that I have never seen or heard this extraordinary fruit, you are not alone!
As the name of Buddha’s hand can be understood from the name of a lemon with fingers resembles. The smell is unique, very high flavored.
This hybrid species, which has an important place in China in the Far East, symbolizes long life, wealth and happiness.
Buddha’s hand is used in gardens and parks as an ornamental plant due to its extraordinary appearance.
Since the plant does not have nuclei, it can be reproduced only by vaccinating.
How to eaten Buddha’s hand? The effect part to be eaten in the interior is very small, sometimes there is no. It is grown for the outer shell, not for fruit meat parts and usually this outer shell is evaluated.
So how to consume this special fruit with a very low -eateable interior?
Although the outer shell of Buddha’s hand cannot be consumed directly, it is preferred after drying like bergamot or as a unique aroma donor.
It can be blended together with fresh fruit juices, cocktails and black tea just like bergamot.
The outer shell of the fruit is less painful than other citrus fruits, even almost sweet. The outer shells are ideal for making jam or marmalade.
A delicious breakfast sauce can be prepared by mixing with olive oil, salt, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, thyme, garlic. This is perhaps the most enjoyable form of evaluating the fruit of Buddha.
Buddha’s “fingers ç can be used as lemon by grating in cakes and cakes. It contains a more dominant, intense citrus aroma than lemon.

What are the benefits of Buddha’s hand? Like all citrus fruits, fingered tree melon has high vitamin C and antioxidant value.
Strengthens immunity.
It has pain relief and anti -inflammatory properties.
Natural muscle relaxant.
It is the blood pressure yesterday.
Different fruits
Where does Buddha’s hand grow? This fruit is grown frequently in China. The climate of our country is suitable for the growth of the fruit. Rarely, producers who are breeding are also found in our country.
Although the hand seedlings can be found easily, it is quite difficult to find the fruit. For this reason, the price of the hand of the buds varies very much and is often quite high.
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