There are several basic methods to distinguish the original quartz fake.
Human hand is produced and non -real quartz crystals are frequently produced and offered for sale. Fake quartz production is common with glass or plastic materials.
Of course, it is very important that the crystalline is effective. Stones produced by human hand are ineffective.
So how to understand quartz stone original or fake?
How to understand the original quartz stone? Glass experiment
Actuality test can be performed by drawing a glass surface with quartz stone. If the stone manages to draw the glass surface in a clear way, the stone is quality and original.
Amethyst (purple colored quartz),
citrin (yellow quartz),
Rose Quartz (Light Pink Coloric Quartz)
For smoky quartz (dark, translucent gray colored quartz), an authenticity test can be performed with glass test.
Weight experiment
A comparison can be made with a plastic of the same size. Quartz must be heavier than the plastic.
However, this experiment does not give the right result for fake stones produced with glass.
Temperature experiment
Quartz stones are cold at room temperature. These special stones have an obvious coldness that you will feel when you touch it.
Plastic -based fake stones are hot.
The temperature experiment for glass -based counterfeit stones also gives misleading results. Because glass materials are usually cold at room temperature.
Exposure to heat
Heating the stone with the help of a lighter is also a simple method for distinguishing fake stones. If the stone is heated, if there is paint on the surface, the paint will burn and its tissue will be broken and dispersed.
Color test
By looking at the surface of the stone in detail, tips on authenticity can be obtained.
Original stones have irregular color transitions, tones.
Imitations of imitation are usually completely smooth, intimate, without intonation.
Detailed review
When the surface of the magnifier and the stone is examined, it is noticed that the surface of the fake ones is scratched, smooth.
However, original quartz crystals are never in smooth tissue. The irregular lines in the tissue are sometimes visible and sometimes can be distinguished with the help of a magnifying.
What is the most valuable quartz? Quartz is a very common mineral in the world. This special mineral is in a wide variety of colors and shapes.
Purple -colored amethyst and yellow -colored cytrine are known as the most valuable quartz.
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