Cassava flour or other name, maniok flour is obtained from the root parts of a plant called Cand.
This name is ideal in many ways that we are not familiar with.
Casava flour; It does not contain gluten. It is not a grain -based flour. Nuts is not a flour based.
It is obtained from cassava, a starchy plant and is completely plant based.
Therefore, vegan, vegetarian, and even paleo nutrition is also suitable for a kind of flour.
It is a great alternative for people who maintain restrictive diets with these features, for example, do not consume any gluten.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Orange” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] Gluten-free alternative to wheat flour: Cassava flour, more often Manyok flour Contrary to its fundamental flour, it shows very similar features to ordinary wheat flour with its texture, smell, structure and function.
The taste is neutral, not sweet.
The texture is soft as wheat flour. It is not sandy structure.
It is suitable for use as wheat flour in recipes. It is not necessary to increase or reduce the amount of flour.
This means that even though the cakes, cakes, donuts you will make with this flour are gluten -free, it will be very close to the original taste and structure!
[Button Link = “ The main homeland of this flour obtained from the root of Manyok is Africa, Asia and South America. It is seen as a basic nutrient for people living in these regions.
Manyok production in Turkey has also started to be made in recent years.
Is Cassava flour the same? Although the cassava flour is obtained from the same plant, the cassava flour and the tapioca flour are two different products due to the process steps applied.
Cassava or manyok flour is simply obtained by peeled, dried and then grinded.
Tapyoka flour production is slightly more complex. Root washing and dough process are applied. To remove the starchy fluid in the wet dough, squeezing is applied. After the entire water evaporates from the starchy liquid, the tapioka flour remains.
Mandok flour is among the floors with herbal based but high carbohydrate content. Therefore, it should be remembered that it should be restrained when consuming this flour.
It is not a food that can be consumed at every meal. Excessive consumption can cause insulin increase!
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