Schumann resonance is a phenomenon called the world’s heartbeat. The theory was put forward and calculated by a German scientist in the early 1950s.
Schumann resonance is also referred to as the vibration gap. It refers to the natural vibrations between the earth and the ionosphere layer, a layer of the world.
Schumann resonance was measured as 7.83 hertz.
Following the German scientist Winfried Otto Schumann, studies on the vibrations of the world have been ongoing since then.
Scientists put forward various theories to prove that Schumann resonance may have an impact on human behavior and affect.
According to these theories, Schumann resonance has the power to affect human consciousness.
It is thought that there is a correlation between anxiety and stress levels and resonance measurements, which are seen globally in the world and show excessive plus from time to time. For example, Schumann resonance 2020 measurements were high.
If there is no mismatch between the frequency of the world and our frequency, it is thought that the possibility of problems such as insomnia, restlessness, anxiety and illness will increase.
If we can achieve harmony with the rhythm of the world, contrary to incompatibility, our body and soul will heal and become calm. His vitality will increase and stress will be free.
It is not easy to capture compliance and of course it can be challenging.

Compliance with Schumann resonance is possible with minor changes in our life experience and high level of awareness. Listening to Schumann resonance is like listening to your inner voice.
Being in communication with nature is important for compliance. Realizing nature is to touch it, talk with flowers, hugging trees, or pressing the soil with bare feet are simple and enjoyable of the steps that can be taken for this job.
Being in nature increases the compliance for a long time in nature, open lands, forest areas.
Focusing on meditation or focusing on some special energetic studies is also awareness that increases compliance.
It may also be wise to focus on the studies of Schumann in meditation or intent studies.
Stimulation of the thymus gland may also increase self -vibration. It is recommended to laugh with a lot of laughing for thymus cloth stimulation and stimulate it by gently hitting the thymus cloth.
It may be good to get support from natural plants with high frequency or frequency -enhancing music. For example, Gülden, the world’s highest known frequency plant, can be supported. The day can be started with a glass of rose tea.
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