Mancar herb is a delicious, delicious herb with a more common name.
In some regions, the word “Mancar ılmış is used with a more inclusive meaning. The word Mancar is used as the general name of edible herbs such as spinach, hibiscus, Şevketi bostan, goose foot.
Mancar grass can be moved to the tables with a wide range of recipes.
Land cabbage stuffed, Mancarlı pita, black cabbage dish with olive oil, black cabbage soup prepared with inner oil are the first recipes that come to mind.
Where does Mancar belong? Black cabbage grows widely in our Black Sea provinces and is evaluated with a wide range of recipes. Zonguldak Mancar dinner is particularly famous.
However, contrary to what is known, Kara Mancar is not only a plant that is unique to the Black Sea and grows in the provinces in the Black Sea region.
In our Aegean provinces, we are cultivated and it has a place in kitchens.

MANCAR PREPARATION PREPARATION It is quite practical, a recipe for less materials.
Ingredients 1 Bunch Black Cabbage
1 medium -sized onion
1 tablespoon of tomato paste -less pepper paste according to my name-
2 tablespoons bulgur or 2 tablespoons of rice
1 pinch of salt
1 pinch of chili peppers
3 tablespoons of olive oil
Preparation of
Olive oil and medium – small -chopped onion is placed in the pot.
Roast for 2-3 minutes.
After the onions are roasted sufficiently, 1 bunch of black cabbage is also included in the pot.
Bulgur or rice is added without delay.
Spices and tomato paste are also included in the pot.
The bottom of the stove is slightly reduced and the lid of the pot is closed.
In the first place, it is not necessary to put water on the food. In the future, water is added gradually.
When the black cabbage changes color, the stove is closed.
This meal can be served hot or cold. Additional yogurt or angry chili pepper and butter can be poured on it.
Enjoy your meal.

What are the benefits of mancar grass? Constipation is anti -constipation.
It has diuretic properties.
Supports bone and dental health.
Good for anemia.

What are the damages of black cabbage? It has negative effects on goiter in excessive consumption.
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