Chlorine is a chemical compound. For many years, city is used in disinfection of network waters and in agriculture. Unlike chlorine, it is preferred because it does not produce carcinogenic by -products. The American Environmental Protection Department has explained that chlordioxide completely destroyed the anthrax microbe. Chlorine is diluted before use. Distility water is used for the dilution of the most effective disinfectant. The dilution rate of the substance varies according to the purpose of use and this rate is vital. HOW TO USE CHLORDIOXIDE? Chlorine can be used for home cleaning. It can be used for glass wiping, deleting places and disinfection. By adding to the diffuser, it can still be used to disinfect air. It can be used for disinfection of vegetables and fruits. Can be used on pimples. It can be used to disinfect toothbrushes. It is known to be used as a mouthwash against bad breath. It is also known to be applied to eczema areas. Is chlorine dioxide effective in getting rid of pesticide residues? It is supported by researches that pesticide residues on vegetables and fruits added for 20 minutes in the water prepared by adding 20 mg of chldedicoxitis per liter are supported by 60 % to 75 %. In other words, it can be an effective method of getting rid of agricultural drugs on the fruits and vegetables we consume chlordioxide. Is it drunk chlorine? Beware of! It is known that chlorineicite is used as an alternative treatment in the treatment of many different diseases, especially symptoms of autism. Such applications are not applications that people can do on their own at home. Chlorine dosage is vital in its use. Nausea, severe vomiting, diarrhea, low blood pressure dose are the first symptoms. The overdose can cause terrible paintings to death. For this reason, we can only use chlordioxide as a disinfectant in our home. It is very important that this most effective chemical, which we will use for disinfecting for the purpose of disinfecting, has a reliable source, has a biocidal license issued by the Ministry of Health and is used to use it at the right rate. Is chlorine dioxide effective in protection from corono virus? Chlorine dioxide has a disinfecting effect against viruses. With this feature, it can be used for domestic cleaning. In addition, chlorine dioxide can not be measured against the corona virus. This is a fallacy. Uncontrolled chldar dioxide can have very bad consequences that may result in death. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.