The season of fresh juins for Hünnap vinegar came. Hünnaplar took its place in the market in the bazaar.
Then let’s dry vinegar, one of the delicious fruits known for its countless health benefits!
Hünnap vinegar is one of the vinegar that we can say easy to make. The time required to be ready is not short. It takes an average of 3 months to mature completely.
Glass jars should be preferred for the construction of our vinegar with less material.
Let’s come to the tariff!
How to make Hünnap Vinegar? Materials
3 kilos of fresh jujube
9 liters of clean drinking water
1 teaspoon of honey
Glass jar
Clean cheesecloth

Hünnap vinegar washing and cleaning the production after cleaning the skills into the glass jar. Let’s add your water and honey on it.
Let’s close the mouth of the glass jar with a clean cheesecloth and let it rest in a dark place.
Let’s get the history of the vinegar.
Let’s mix our vinegar at least once every day.
At first, most of the jurests above the water will collapse over time.
This time can usually take up to 2 months.
When the majority of the fruits collapse, your virtue is ready to glide.
Filted vinegar should be transferred to black colored glass bottles. And the bottles should be closed. In this way, the listened vinegar, which is listened to more than 1 month, will be completely consistent, will be delicious and ready for use.
Don’t forget to keep the vinegar mothers correctly for use in new vinegar productions.

Will the jujube be cut? Will the seeds be removed? When installing vinegar with jujube, you can use the fruits in a whole without any additional procedure.
The shells and seeds of the fruit should also be located in vinegar.
There is no need to sliced ​​or crush fruits.

Is salt put in vinegar? When you are sure that your vineyard is completely ripening, you can add a small amount of rock salt to your vinegar. Salt will prevent your virtue from more souring and more fermented and wine.

Is salt put when you are making Hünnap vinegar? After the vinegar is sweet, salt can be added to the vinegar prepared with jujube.
It is not recommended to add salt or sugar to vinegar during the maturation phase of the vinegar or initially.

What are the benefits of Hünnap vinegar? Supports improvement of sleep quality.
Helps to cope with stress.
Supports skin health.
Supports digestion. Helps to get rid of intestinal complaints.
Supports weight loss.
Helps control blood pressure.
Anti – inflammatory and anti – microbial properties.
It is anti -allergic and is a strong antioxidant.

Does Hünnap Vinegar Reduce Candy? HÜNNAP vinegar has effects that can reduce blood sugar.
This can make it protective against diabetes and other metabolic disorders and support the treatment.
Some scientists think that the ability to reduce blood sugar of the jujube and the jujugard vinegar come from the high vitamin A concentration.

HOW TO USE HÜNNAP Vinegar? This vinegar can be used in meals just like grape vinegar or apple cider vinegar. It can be added to appetizers and salads.
Vinegar can be drunk by adding 1 teaspoon of 1 teaspoon to 1 cup if healing.
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