Coconut Aminos is recently popular with an alternative sauce that is suitable for the Paleo diet.
Coconut Aminos, which is especially compared to soy sauce, is as delicious as it is. With its dark color and fluid structure, it is similar to soybean sauce.
Sweet – salty flavor; These sauce, which is slightly oily taste, is prepared with the natural sugar of coconut trees (Coconut Blossom nectar or “SAP”) and sea salt. Coconut fruit is not used directly in the construction of this sauce.
Coconut aminos contains a delicious and healthy sauce fermented with its natural sugar. Coconut aminos is healthy? This sauce has 73 percent less sodium content than soy sauce. This is much less salty alternative, clearly offers a better choice for cardiovascular health.
In addition, it is also better for people with high blood pressure risk.
Nevertheless, it should never be forgotten that this sauce is not completely salt -free. And the portions should be controlled.
For people with food allergy or food sensitivity; It is a less salty, noble, wheat -free and gluten -free alternative.
With this sauce, the taste of umami is added to the food!
This sauce contains 17 amino acids and is also rich in vitamins B.
However, considering the portions, the amount of amino acid and vitamin B taken into the body with this sauce is relatively low.

How to use Coconut Aminos? Alternatively everywhere in which soybean sauce is used is an alternative.
However, it should also be taken into account that the taste you get is less salty and a little sweet. In addition, although the taste of the sauce is essentially the fat content in its content is “0”!
Coconut Aminos is mostly preferred in salad sauces, bottom sauces, meat and chicken recipes.

Coconut Aminos nutritional value for 1 portion (about 1 teaspoon) for sauce:
Calories: 40
Protein: Less than 1 gram
Oil: 0 grams
Carbohydrates: 2 grams
Fiber: 0 grams
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