Soka pickle is essentially specific to Bosniak cuisine. It is consumed both as breakfast and color the tables as appetizers.
This pickle with milk cream is both very tasty and nutritious.
Soka pickled Bulgarian pepper or Yugoslav pepper is prepared with a special pepper.
Bosniak pepper is difficult to find in our country. In recent years, rarely find buyers in markets.
If you find it difficult to find this pepper, you can apply this recipe with small -sized colored peppers.
One of the sine qua non of the stove is the fresh milk slip used. Pickles are also used as a accompanying of the slip and cheese and milk are used.
The cheese used may vary on request. Oily white cheese or lor may be preferred. How to make pickle? Materials
1.5 kg Bosniak pepper
1 liter of milk (goat, sheep or cow’s milk can be preferred)
Half kg fresh milk cream
Half kg white cheese, curd or sour

Preparation of Pepper Pepper with Bosniak cream (Bosniak Sokası) The peppers were washed well and clean them as if they are filling.
When the peppers dry, salt them well and let them rest.
This salt will prevent the breakdown of your pickle and allow the peppers to soften a little bit.
Rest salted peppers for at least 3-4 hours.
At the end of the time, peppers can be irrigated. If irrigated, purify the peppers from the juice.
Do not wash them again!
Let’s come to the preparation of the milk!
Put 1 liter of milk in the pot and boil. Add an average of 1 teaspoon of salt according to the salt ratio of the cheese you use for boiling milk.
Goat or sheep milk is generally used in the production of street pickles. You can prepare your recipe with goat, sheep or cow’s milk.
After closing the bottom of the milk, allow to cool until it reaches the heat of fermentation.
When the milk reaches the ideal temperature, add the cheese and slip to milk. Mix well, obtain a homogeneous mixture.
Fill your Bosnian peppers with a mixture. Do not put too much material on peppers.
Then place the peppers you filled in the middle -firm sterile glass jars again.
Pour the remaining milk and creamy mixture into the jar.
Close the lids of the jars beautifully and wrap them with a cloth and raise them aside.
If the ambient temperature is high, you will be fermented in 1 day, if not hot enough, about 1.5 days.
When the fermentation process is completed, raise the jars to the refrigerator for your pickle to be eaten and maturated.
In winter you can store jars on the balcony or elsewhere.
How many days does the street be? The ripening of the pickles of the Soka and the coming to the consistency of eaten will take between 20 and 30 days.
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