Comedon is a word used to describe clogged and enlarged pores. Comedons are blackheads and moreover, they tend to turn into acne.
In other words, the enlarged and clogged pores are primarily the possibility of turning into a black spot and then into acne with inflammation. And this probability is not at all low!
What is comedon? So what is comedogenic? Comedogenic pore means obstructive. It is used to identify skin care products that trigger comedone formation on comedogenic skin.

What is Non comedogenic? On some products, the phrase “Non Comedogenic” is used. This expression states that the products used in the content of the product do not tend to cause blockage, especially vegetable oils.
Each vegetable oil affects the formation of comedone in the skin at a different rate. This ratio is very high for some oils, for some, average for some, and for some of them are low.
Comedon -maker oils do not present a danger to every skin type, but the comedogenic values ​​of the products you use are of great importance for you.

Comedogenic values ​​of oils, let’s take a look at the comedogenic values ​​of the most widely used vegetable oils!
The oils have a score between 0 and 5. “0” expresses almost no pore -clogged oils, while “5” defines pore blocking oils very intensely.

Those with comedon value 5 are not suitable for almost any skin type. And it is often not recommended to use it in skin care.
For example, wheat seed oil
Value 4
For most skin types, pore is obstructive. Rarely tolerate.

Comedogenic coconut oil!
Coconut oil
Cocoa oil
Flax seed oil
Palm oil
Value 3
Although not for those who are inclined to acne, it can be tolerated in many skin types. Nevertheless, they are not exactly ideal for the skin.
corn oil
Cotton oil
Soy oil
Shark oil
Value 2
They are not pore for most skin. They often do not cause the problem. And commonly used skin care oils.
For example Jojoba Oil
Olive oil
Almond Oil Now buy
Apricot seed oil
Houd oil
Avocado oil
Blush Flower Oil
Pumpkin seed
Sesame oil
Value 1
For most skin, the possibility of blocking pores is very low.
For example, rosehip seed oil now buy
Calendula oil
Grape seed oil Take
Comedon value 0 are non -comedogenic oils and almost never clogged your pores.
For example mango oil
Cannabis oil
Aspirin oil
Argan oil
Shea oil
Sunflower oil

Is Jojoba oil comedogenic? Jojoba oil has a safe comedogenic value. Comedon value is often 2 and in some cases 3.
Only in acne very inclined skin types occasionally occurs.

Yellow Centaury Oil Comedogenic? Yellow Wort oil shows similar properties with olive oil. It does not have a high pore obstructive effect. The score is 2 and is safe for most skin.

Is Indian oil comedogenic? Castor oil is among the pore -not -blocking oils. The score is 1. There is no porous effect for most skin.
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