What is iodine drop? What foods are iodine? This common mineral, known as iodine or iodide, is naturally found in the territory, seas and oceans of the world.
Mineral waters contain iodine in many plant -based foods. But of course, our most basic iodine source is salt.
It is vital for everyone to get enough iodine. Hormones are regulating.
Especially in pregnant women, the lack of the baby may cause disorders in brain development.
Iodine is also sold in reinforcement form. However, because of its possible side effects, only a doctor supplement and iodine drop should be preferred.
What are the benefits of iodine? Iodine is vital for our thyroid health. Helps our thyroids regulate hormone production. These hormones control our heart health, metabolic rate, weight and much more.
Thyroids do not need excessive amounts of iodine. But the results are severe in deficiency.
Excessive iodine intake may also have a negative effect on thyroids. Therefore, it is inconvenient to use uncontrolled iodine drops.
Dairy products, salt water fish, every plant grown in iodine -rich soils is a natural iodine store and often sufficient to get iodine through foods.
How much iodine should be taken per day? Our daily iodine needs vary according to our age.
Daily recommended amounts by health organizations:
Birth – 6 months 110 mcg
130 mcg for babies between 7-12 months
Children between 1-8 years 90 mcg
Children between the ages of 9-13 120 mcg
Adults and young people, 150 mcg (14 years and older)
Pregnant women 220 mcg
Breastfeeding Women 290 McG
What is iodine drop? Iodine drop is a food supplement used in serious iodine deficiency with intensive iodine content.
What are the side effects of iodine? The possible side effects of the iodine supplements or natural -way excessive iodine intake are as follows:
Stomach ache
Burning sensation in the mouth
In further cases, iodine poisoning can even cause a coma.

What are the symptoms of iodine deficiency? Iodine deficiency can only be detected by urine test.
Significant goiter image
Difficulty in swallowing
Hair loss
There are a wide variety of symptoms such as depression.
Who can use iodine drops? Iodine drops should only be used with the approval of a doctor for people who have been identified as iodine deficiency as a result of urine analysis.
In cases such as extremely active thyroid gland, radiation exposure, the iodine drop supplement with strong content can be prescribed by doctors.
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