Cosmic energy or cosmo energy as a name is a complementary medical method. And this method; It promises purification, spiritually and physically recovery, cleansing, balancing and healing.
The founder of the method is a Russian medical physician. This physician built the foundations of his method on the methods of the shamanic monks. And in the first place, the primary aim is to make an alternative and holistic discovery on the causes and treatments of diseases.
Especially even though it works on this issue, the scope of its work over time expands. However, the theory always pursues a search for recovery.
What is cosmic energy? According to this theory created, cosmos energy is a common life force that exists everywhere. It is available in the universe we live in, between the galaxies and throughout space.
According to the theory; Developing our consciousness and opinion is essential and it is essential to achieve the balance in life.
However, it is necessary to fully accept the self and to be at this moment to get cosmic energy.
Especially happiness, peace, love and joy are emphasized emotions.
According to this system, it is accepted that a deep, silence and peaceful sleep and cosmic energy are limited, albeit limited.

Why do we need cosmo energy? To lead a happy, peaceful and healthy life,
To get information,
To stay in balance, and to expand our consciousness.
Cosmic energy channels consist of cosmo energy, frequencies. Moreover, everything in the universe is an energy and their energy has a frequency.
According to the theory, even though these frequencies cannot be seen, they are very concrete in our lives.
Kozmo Energy speaks of cosmic channels. He even says that there are more than 200 channels and 42 frequency.
These channels are a discovery that arises by deep meditation sessions by tibetan priests, and cosmo energy therapy focuses on the use of these channels.
Channels; In particular, it has an effect on the body systems such as respiratory system, digestive system and excretory system.

Cosmic energy therapy is to bring together the spirit, mind and body in a balance in the therapy. In short, this is provided by purifying the energy vibrations of the low frequency of the soul, the body and the mind.
As a result, at the end of the sessions, a spiritual transformation, high desire and energy of life, reinforcement of spirituality, and filling with the feeling of integrity are aimed.
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