Salt -free shampoo or sulfate -free shampoo are newly popular and newly mentioned shampoos.
What are the advantages of these shampoos? Does the salt in the shampoo harm the hair?
Come on, let’s examine the salt -free shampoos more closely with all the details!
Salt in shampoo content is usually responsible for irritation in the script. Salt is not particularly suitable for dry and lean hair. Because the hair has a drying effect.
The reason for the itching of the hair after the shower is often salt -source in the content of your shampoo. Salt is disrupting the moisture balance of the skin and hair.
Argan oil or keratin -containing products help to recover this moisture balance.
Salt causes the hair to be excessively cleaning and its natural structure deteriorates. Excessive cleaning results in the separation of hair from the hair.
Excessive absorption of the sulfate in the shampoo is another possible health problem.
It is very important to use salt -free shampoo, especially in dyed hair. Because salty shampoos have a number of other chemicals that cause hair dye to fade and flow early.
What is salt -free shampoo? Especially
Painted, -especially in platinum tones.
Frequent shed,
Very dry,
Various maintenance such as keratin care have been applied,
Permanent straightening is the ideal shampoo for the use of hair that is applied to Brazilian blow dryer or perma.
Unlike classical shampoos, these shampoos do not foam or foam at a very small rate. Because the basic material that provides foaming in shampoos is salt. Shampoos removed from the salt content have a structure like hair conditioners.
Does shampoo without salt extend hair? Does hair shed? Salted shampoos that reduce hair loss and help you get more lush and healthy looking hair are also supporting the healthy growth of hair. It has no effect that causes hair loss.
Sulfate -free shampoo: Sulfate -free shampoo -free shampoos are common in the market. But these almost no foaming shampoos do not always have a clean content as you guess.
Shampoos prepared with alternative chemicals that will replace salt are not good for your hair.
The best salt -free shampoo is that your hair needs your hair with cleaning shampoos with silicone, paraben, mea, talat, colorant, alcohol and of course without salt.
Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS) -free products are salt -free. In the contents, products with intense cleansing substances such as Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate are salty.
In summary, it is important to read the labels carefully for your shampoo shopping. Every product that stands out without salt is not innocent. Instead of salt, other aggressive oil solvent intensive cleaners are content.