Hydrogenized (hydrogen) fat is used to increase the shelf life of the products and save costs.
Hydrogenation refers to a process in which a liquid unsaturated oil is converted to a solid oil by adding hydrogen.
Unlike hydrogenic oils, totally hydrogenic oils contain very little trans fat, mostly saturated fat and do not have the same health risks with trans fat. For this reason, hydrogenic oils are still allowed in foods produced all over the world. However, partially hydrogenized oils are banned in many countries.
Hydrogenized fat, some people prefer to avoid hydrogenic oils as they are replaced using industrial processes. If you are trying to reduce your saturated fat intake, if you aim to maintain a healthier diet, it is very smart to avoid this component!
However, it is not easy to detect products containing hydrogenized oil in any case. Tags in any case does not give these oils.
Then it may be useful to follow small tips:
Hydrogenine oils are most commonly found in ultra -processed foods containing saturated fat:
Packaged snacks; Junk food, ice creams, chips
Cooking, Packaged Products (Foods Ready for Consumption)
Dough ready to use (such as puff pastry)
Ready Frying Products
Coffee creams, mixture milk powders
Packaged foods & snacks can be an important part of balanced diet. It can handle you until the next meal, prevent you from being extremely hungry, and prevent your blood sugar from falling.
The problem is that many snacks and snacks that are thought to be innocent may contain hydrogenized oil.
In order to destroy question marks, less processed -with unreasonable “snacks” should be preferred:
Raw nuts
Fresh fruits
NATURAL Dried dried fruits
Plain yogurt
What is the healthiest cooking oil? Each cooking oil reaches the point of smoke at a certain point.
This point refers to the temperature that oil is no longer stable and began to deteriorate. Oil; At this point, he began to release free radicals. These compounds can potentially lead to disease development.
Each oil reaches smoke at a different temperature. This differentiated degree makes some oils ideal for cooking.
Below, we have listed the oils that can lift cooking at high temperature:
Olive oil
Avocado oil
Aspirin oil
Sesame oil
Oils that should never be cooked at high temperatures:
Walnut oil
Flax seed oil
Palm oil
Fish oil
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