Dong Quai (Chinese Angel Ot); It is also known as the ginseng of the door. White flowering and fragrant.
Plants such as parsley, celery and carrots have an important place in Chinese medicine from the same family.
Chinese medicine is used especially for menopausal symptoms, menstrual pains, migraine. For these purposes, the most common root parts of the plant are used.
High doses of the plant can bring various side effects. It may have a negative effect on hormones.
Scientific data that support the positive effects of the plant on women’s health are still inadequate.
Latin name: Angelica Sinensis
One of the reasons for the preference of the Dong Quai menopause is to minimize menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes.
For this purpose, Chinese Angelic Herb can be used alone or with various plants.
Chamomile, American ginsengi, black seed, camel spur, red clover, widow avratotu, licorice root, main grass, wild yam root is one of the plants used with Dong Quai for hot flashes due to menopause, night sweat, sleep problems.

How to use Dong Quai? The plant is used internally with mouth -filled. It is considered safe for 6 months. Use for more than 6 months is not considered safe.
Daily use is not recommended to be more than 150 mg. At higher doses of higher than 150 mg are not considered safe.
It should be taken into consideration that the plant makes the skin more clear to the negative effects of the sun during the period of use.
The most common side effects due to the use of Dong Quai (Chinese angel) are frequent burial, gas and high blood pressure.
Due to its effects on the uterus, its use during pregnancy is not considered safe again.

Is Chinese Angel Angel Angel the same? These two plants are two close relatives. However, it is not exactly the same.
The name of the Chinese angelic Angelica Sinensis is known as Angelica Sinensis and the Latin name of angelic herb Angelica sylvestris.
Although angelic grass is a rare plant, it is a species that has been found to spread spontaneously in some regions in our country.
It is known that the species grown in wetlands and forest areas are most commonly used in poisoning in traditional medicine. It is also believed to protect people from bad energy, evil eye and magic.
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