What is live water? Let’s take a closer look at the live water issue that experts often explain about the opinion!
Live water or living water; It is the ideal water that has not yet been bottled and has not been reduced by the minarets it contains.
Water entering pet bottles or plastic carboy, waters flowing from our taps are not live water.
Non -bottled streams and river waters, rain water are living waters. These waters lose their vitality with their bottles. However, it is possible to revive our waters. We can talk about a wide variety of methods to revive water.
How to revive water? Live water preparation water is the oldest and traditional method known to store water in soil jugs. The test used must be unpleasant. The benefits of drinking water from the soil test have been known for centuries.
It is a method to freeze our drink water in the freezer and then dissolve and consume it. Experts do not recommend this method because it contains some question marks about hygiene.
To transfer from the glass to the glass 5-6 times before drinking water,
Treatment of water,
Using magnetic water bars specially produced for this job are other methods.
Support can be received from precious stones to revive the water. Amethyst and quartz can be thrown into the water.
According to the Islamic view;
Adding a small amount of zemzem water to the water,
Drip a small amount of real rose water into water,
Beautiful words, prayers, verses to the water and to draw plenty of besmele without drinking water is among the methods.

Why should we drink live water? Dead water does not carry sufficient oxygen. For this reason, our body cannot take enough minerals to take from water. When we drink revitalized water, all the healing of the water and minerals join our structure. In addition, live water will help to increase the benefit we receive from other foods.

The memory of the water is believed to have a memory of the water bodies that make up our body and most of our world. Water records everything positive or negative in its memory. There are water experiments that support this view. For this reason, it is important that the water we take in our structure is alive and in whole with all the healing.

There are various rituals made to heal the water to heal the water. It is aimed to fill the water with good energy.
I heal, thank you, happy, thank goodness, peaceful, I love you, believing in the water, such as the water, the water will record it in its memory and are thought to be filled with energy.
In glass containers, leaving the direct sun will also increase the healing value. Plastic containers should never be used during this process.
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