Metabolic syndrome is a concept that comes back to the agenda with the emergence of scientific studies that reveal that there is choleration between Covid-19.
What is metabolic syndrome? It refers to a number of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, paralysis and diabetes.
The presence of 3 or more of the following criteria points to the syndrome.
Let’s take a look at these criteria: waist circumference
The size of the waist circumference of women than 88 cm in women is one of the indicators of the syndrome.
High triglyceride levels
High -level triglyceride threatens heart health as a priority.
Excess weight and obesity,
high carbohydrate consumption,
Smoking consumption,
Lack of physical activity,
Various diseases,
various drugs
And some genetic disorders can cause high triglyceride levels.
Measurements on 150 milligrams (mg / dl) per desilitre or 1.7 millimeter per liter are considered as signs of metabolic syndrome.
Low HDL level
HDL is considered “good cholesterol .. And at low levels, it is considered a sign of syndrome.
Bad eating habits,
Smoking consumption,
Unmissable diabetes,
Excess weight and obesity,
And some genetic factors are associated with low HDL level.
Less than 40 mg / dl (1.04 mmol / l) in men or less than 50 mg / dL (1.3 mmol / l) in women are considered low.
High hunger blood sugar level
Another factor for metabolism syndrome is the level of hunger blood sugar.
It is associated with 100 mg / dl (5.6 mmol / l) or higher levels syndrome.
Another factor pointing to the syndrome is the high level of blood pressure.
Alcohol and cigarette consumption,
Genetic predisposition,
Overweight and obesity are high blood pressure associated with high blood pressure.
130/85 mm Hg and above blood pressure is considered high.
If you have 3 or more of the above indicators, this indicates the presence of metabolic syndrome.
The presence of this syndrome
Stroke and stroke
The risk of coronary heart disease and more is considered as an easy data.

Metabolic syndrome COVİD-19 choice recent research shows that those who have syndrome are more apparently affected by the negative effects of Covid-19 epidemic than those who do not.
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