Polenta is essentially a accompanying or garnish of Italian cuisine. Mamaliga is usually called meat dishes, fish dishes and boiled vegetables.
Mamaliga is the name of the food in Eastern European countries such as Georgia and Moldova. There are minor changes in the recipe.
What is Polynta? Corn flour and water is the most basic materials in the pollen recipe.
But there are a wide variety of materials to flavor the Polant. Rosemary, garlic, arugula, various cheeses, dried tomatoes, olives, basil are the most commonly used materials for sweetening polanty. Mushrooms and rocked Polynta recipes are very tasty.
The texture of a classic pollen is mashed or porridge. However, semolina added recipes have a more intense consistency.

Cheddari Polynta Recipe Ingredients
1 cup of large or medium gravitational corn flour
4 cups of drinking water
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons of butter
1 tea glass of grated cheddar cheese
Preparation of
Take the water and salt in the pot and start boiling. After boiling water, add the corn flour by gradually and stirring continuously.
At this point, it is very important to mix. Otherwise, your porridge will lump and will be delicious.
Continue the whisking process until all corn flour pellets disappear.
When the pellets disappear, cut the furnace thoroughly and continue to cook by continuing to stir for 5 minutes.
At this point, bring the furnace to the lowest heat and close the lid of the pot. In this way, your porridge should be cooked for half an hour.
Do not make constant mixing at this stage. But you should also make sure that it does not hold the bottom.
At the end of 30 minutes, turn off the stove and add the butter to the pot in small pieces. After the butter, add the cheddar cheese.
Let it rest for 5-10 minutes and serve your pollen. Enjoy your meal!

There is another recipe known as Polynta Cake Polenta dessert or cake. This recipe has a pole -like tariff prepared as a accompanying food.
Cake; Orange, orange juice or lemon peels are sweet. It is a recipe prepared using corn flour and semolina together to make it more dense consistency.
The fact that wheat flour is not used in the recipe is the distinctive side of this recipe.
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