Cranberry juice is an appetite with a crimson color, a health storage flavor.
The cranberry fruit used in the preparation of this special flavor is a kind of red -grained wild fruit that we are used to seeing on branches and stalls at the end of the summer. This bitter dessert, humble -looking fruit is called a “super nutrient” by many experts.
Red; There are a wide variety of scientific studies that reduce the risk of urinary tract infection, have a protective effect against certain types of cancer, strengthen immunity and are associated with low blood pressure levels.
Cranberry has the virtue of fighting infections. Use against urinary tract infections extends until hundred years ago. Cranberry is also effective on cystitis. For cystic, it is usually boiled together with rosehip.
It is very rich in antioxidant. It has intense vitamin C, vitamin E and quercetin content.
It is known that wild cranberry fruit can prevent age -related oxidative damage.
What are the side effects of cranberry and cranberry juice? What are the damages? For most people who do not have a chronic condition, cranberry, cranberry sherbet, cranberry juice or cranberry molasses are safely consumed.
However, this fruit with a slightly acidic structure is not recommended for people with reflux and similar discomfort.
Likewise, it can be disturbing with its acidic structure for people with teeth and gum sensitivity.
It has an anti -diarrhea effect and is not recommended for those who suffer from constipation. nasil-kurutulur/ How to use fresh cranberries? [Button Link = “ There are various ways.
Cranberry is a sine qua non of sweet sour sauces. This sauce suits with meat and chicken dishes.
Cranberry sherbet offers a traditional taste that is easily prepared. It can be sweetened with additional sugar or honey and gives refreshment.
Cranberry extract, cranberry molasses and cranberry marmalade are a little more laborious recipes. But they are very nutritious, healthy breakfast, which allows you to benefit from the healing of the red almost all year.
You can also use the redness as cranberry juice or smoothies together with other fruits. Especially unlike the red, you can get a very good, balanced flavor together with fruits with high sugar content.

How to Boil Cranberry Water? How to make? Preparing cranberry juice is an easy but a little hand that everyone can do.
For the recipe you can use the amount of cleaned and washed and dried cranberries.
Start by boiling over medium heat in a saucepan that suits the amount of redness you will use. Mix the pot occasionally during boiling.
3 liters of clean water for 1 kg cranberry is an ideal ratio. If the water comes to your eyes, you can add hot water gradually.
At the end of a period of half an hour, your cranberries will slowly disintegrate and start softening thoroughly.
Add your sugar on the softened cranberries and continue to boil your cranberries over low heat for 10-12 minutes.
2.5 tablespoons of cranberry for 1 kg of cranberry is the ideal size of powdered sugar. You can increase or reduce this ratio according to your taste.
At the end of the time, drain the water with the help of a clean and white cheesecloth; Let the core and shell parts of the fruit be separated from the water.
If you prefer to add honey instead of sugar, allow your cranberry water to cool completely. Do not add honey in hot state.
Swipe the cranberry waters you filtered and store it in the refrigerator. Enjoy your meal.
The benefits of cranberry juice are many. All healing water of the red is also available. If you do not have stomach disease, stomach or gum sensitivity, consumption of cranberry juice up to 1 cup per day is ideal.

Cranberry juice is good for diarrhea? Is cranberry diarrhea or constipation? One of the reasons for the preference of cranberry juice is a strong diarrhea cutting effect. It provides effective support for cranberry diarrhea and colds.
With this feature, consumption of cranberry juice is not recommended for people with intense constipation problems.
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