The battery hazelnut (also known as the battery hazelnut or the edge) is perhaps a brand new nut for us you have never heard of the name before.
This shelled eaten, which has not yet been common in Turkey, is essentially specific to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.
These fruits grow naturally in mountainous land and are harvested by hand. The harvest of hazelnuts, which has a very hard structure, is also laborious.
Eats are fruits of a wild tree that does not pour tropical leaf.
Raw or eaten after raw or roasted, the nutrient battery nuts are also removed. This oil is also used in cosmetics and especially in the soap industry.
It is also common in traditional kitchens that hazelnuts are eaten after various processes.
For example, the battery hazelnut is covered with sugar and frying in deep oil is specific to Southeast Asian cuisine.
In Indonesia, cake and other floury products, chocolate and ice cream after roasting is common.
Latin name: Canarium ovatum
Flood Hazelnut nutritional values ​​for each:
8 %carbohydrate,
Protein between 11.5 and 13.9 %
and consists of 70 % oil.
How is the pile nuts taste? The taste of the raw cell peanut resembles the sunflower or the hazelnut of the Macademia.
The fried hazelnuts are more delicious. The outside gets a crispy and a soft consistency.

What are the benefits of battery hazelnuts? Like other nuts, the battery peanuts have a high calorie. 1 cup of hazelnut comes about 650 calories.
However, this highly nutritious nuts brings a long -term feeling of satiety.
Battery peanuts are one of the most magnesium content among all nuts.
A single portion meets the entire daily need for daily copper and manganese.
In terms of protein, the rich battery contains all the basic amino acids you need.
If you are doing a keto diet, the battery will be completely suitable for your diet because it is high and the carbohydrate ratio is low!

Where to sell the battery hazelnut? Although most of the supermarkets in America and Europe can be easily obtained from the supermarket, it is difficult to find the pilgrimage in our country yet. It is possible to find various imported product markets and internet stores.
The production of these hard shelled peanuts has not yet started in our country. The products sold are usually imported from the Philippines. You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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