Do you like icy almonds? Or have you ever met this flavor that almost everyone looking at the taste of the taste?
There are many benefits of icy almonds, but when they get their flavor, they sound like details. The season of iced almonds that will cool you down on hot summer days is very short. Because fresh almonds are required to prepare icy almonds. Fresh almond is the almond that has no hardened but delicious, and the outer shell is green.
Fresh Almond Çağla is not almonds, the season of the two is very different.

The Çağla is the first, the time in which the almond can consume in a green way.

For the sake of festivals, the time of the Çağla is in fact very short, it passes until the eye is closed.

Fresh almond time starts like the middle of the summer and continues for a short period of time.

In mid -July, we can not pass the time of fresh almonds that we can express as the beginning of August. It is necessary to extract the almonds, peel their inner shells and prepare icy almonds!

Freeze Almonds How to Make Ice Almonds?
You don’t need much material to prepare icy almonds. Just with the almond you need, just ice.

However, preparing a snack with these little materials is quite a handsome.

We started to work by collecting almonds from the branch, while the almonds are yet green shelled.

Then we separated it from the green shells, we broke the hard shell in the inner part with the help of a stone, we extracted our almonds. This was the most difficult one.

But when we sort the hard shells, we’re not done. This time we robbed the dice -like and brown part in the innermost part of the almond.

The easiest way to peel this part is to keep the almonds in hot water for 10 minutes after breaking the almonds.

The dice of the almonds waiting in hot water is so easily peeled that you are surprised!

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the water is not extremely sluggish and the almonds do not melt in water for a long time!

In fact, there is not much left of the inner membrane after eliminating the inner membrane! After that, to bring ice and almonds together and eat with pleasure!

For the most superior flavor, we recommend that you take care to prepare ice with drinking water.

Enjoy your meal!

How to store icy almonds? Freshly prepared freshly prepared almonds and consumption is recommended. If it is to be stored, it should be stored in the refrigerator so that it will maintain freshness for a while. [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Shell almonds [/button] Inner almonds review
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