Does the difference between food yeast and beer yeast confuse you?
Are these two plant protein sources the same?
Let’s examine each yeast more closely! Let’s explore the common and different sides!
What is the difference of food yeast and beer yeast? Both beer yeast (Brewer’s Yeast), as well as popular health supplements containing plenty of basic micro and macro nutrients.
Both of them are obtained from the same yeast type called Sacchartomyces Cerevisiae, a single -celled mushroom.
Maya; It is a single -celled mushroom and they are considered neither plants nor animals like mushrooms.
Consuming these yeasts as food is considered to be completely safe. Both have different tastes and nutrition profiles.

What is the difference between beer yeast and food yeast? Maya has played a very important role in human nutrition for thousands of years.
This mushroom; Beer is an important component in bread and a number of other baked foods.
Yeast has many health benefits, from strengthening the immune system, lowering cholesterol levels, to improve blood pressure and sugar levels.
Beer yeast is an important component used in the preparation of bread and beer. Bread yeast is also called medical yeast and dry yeast fermentat.
Food yeast is considered a disabled version of bread yeast grown in various sources such as cheese juice, black grape molasses and sugar beet.
Both are rich in vitamin B, proteins and fibers, which are necessary for the metabolism of foods and can withstand stress.
Food yeast has nuts and a taste resembling cheese.
The taste of beer yeast is a bit more painful. However, the level of bitterness may vary according to yeast.
Food yeast is also popular as a vegan alternative instead of grated cheese because it tastes cheese.
These two yeasts, which are consumed as food, are not active as they do not aim to embossed the bread.
Nutrition profiles beer yeast nutrient profile
Brewer’s yeast; Niacin is rich in vitamins B, including tiamine, riboflavin and folic acid. It is also loaded with protein and fiber containing only trace amounts of oil.
Both food yeast and beer yeast are naturally an excellent source of magnesium. In general, beer yeast has a higher mineral concentration.
Potassium is rich in chrome, a very important mineral for selenium and cell health and blood sugar regulation.
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Food yeast; A good protein, fiber, riboflavin (B1), tiamine (B2), pyridoxin (B6), potassium and zinc source.
The full structure of the added nutrients determines the nutrient composition of the final product. In general, this healthy yeast contains many minerals naturally found in the beer yeast.
The food yeast includes B12, a basic vitamin that can not be taken to their diets unless they receive a reinforcement of vegans. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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