Toltek wisdom or Toltek wisdom doctrine is a doctrine from the Toltek civilization in the south of Mexico. This doctrine provides practical and spiritual teachings to recognize itself, discover its true nature and potential and reach its highest potential. Toltekler attaches great importance to philosophical and metaphysical concepts used to understand the existence of man and the nature of creation. Toltek wisdom and four agreements
The Toltek wisdom doctrine is based on four basic principles known as “toltecayotl”: (1) Keep your word, (2) Do not take everything personally, (3) Do not make assumptions and (4) always try to do your best. These four principles emphasize the value of virtues such as honesty, tolerance, openness and loyalty in one’s relationship with himself and other people. Toltek uses tools such as wisdom doctrine, shamanic practices, meditation and personal discovery techniques and offers a practical way for one’s freedom, happiness and success. Today, the doctrine of Toltek wisdom has been discovered by many people around the world through popular books such as “Four Agreements: A Practical Guide for Personal Freedom” written by Miguel Ruiz. The philosophy of life of the tolteks is full of philosophical and metaphysical concepts used to understand the existence of human existence and the nature of creation. The Toltek teaches that one should recognize himself to maximize his potential, discover his true nature and potential, and always reveal his best form. The basic philosophy of the Toltek emphasizes that one should only take responsibility for himself in his life. In other words, it is that everyone can shape their own life and are not responsible for the life of others. This philosophy enables the person to be confident, to respect herself and to control their own life. The Toltek philosophy also teaches people that people should change themselves, the world and other people. This requires people to question their behavior, beliefs and thoughts, accept their mistakes, and constantly strive to improve themselves. The philosophy of life of the Toltek includes many different techniques and applications. These include meditation, shamanic practices, body and mind studies, awareness techniques and personal developmental means. The Toltek philosophy offers a practical way to recognize and discover its potential, and helps people to lead a happier, healthier and more meaningful life. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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