Glenfatic system; In its simplest form, the waste of our brain can be considered as cleaning system.
This system is often a passive mode when we are awake. However, it works fully actively in sleep.
The discovery of the glenfatic system does not have a long history. Scientists could not make a clear explanation of how the brain was free of toxic substances.
This complexity led to the absence of a lymphatic vessel in our brain – unlike the rest of our body.
Lymphatic vessels are the vessels that mediate the waste of waste in our body to the detox organs.
However, Maiken Nedergaard, a Danish scientist, discovered that our brain has a unique lymphatic system in recent years.
Today, we know that the glenfatic system is responsible for cellular wastes that accumulate in our brain and spinal cord and bring a wide variety of negative side effects when it is not discarded.
For example, it is thought that the protein called β-amiloid, which is a metabolic by-product, is at high levels in the brain and Alzheimer’s disease.
So, can we support the fulfillment of the function of the system, which is of vital importance and has not yet been discovered?
Yes! Experts talk about a few important steps you can do about it!
How is the Glenfatic System optimized? Movement and exercise
Regular exercise and active have positive effects on our body in many ways.
It improves our mood and strengthens the immune system. And yes, it also contributes to the activity of the glenfatic system!
Regular and deep sleep
Glenfatic system function; It is in choleration with a deeper, relaxing sleep.
Research has recorded the most powerful fluctuations of glyphatic flow during this deep sleep.
Sleeping in a full dark environment,
Stay away from jihads like TV and phone before sleeping,
To include magnesium -rich foods in the diet,
It is possible to increase sleep quality with various measures such as receiving support from aromatherapy oils.
Researchers have discovered that the side lying on the side increases glyphatic waste cleaning compared to the right side – especially on the right side or on your back.
However, everyone moves during sleep and we may not be able to sleep on our right side all night.
However, you may want to pay attention to this issue if your priority is to support glenfatic flow. You can support this with various body pillows.
Right and regular breath during sleep
Deep and regular breathing during sleep supports the system to function correctly.
However, sleep problems such as sleep apnea may interfere with the cleaning of waste of the glyphatic system.
Omega-3 multiple unsaturated fatty acids and omega-3 rich fish are also among the discoveries that they have a positive effect on the glyphatic function. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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