Stone mill flour production dates from today to today to the time when electricity is not yet invented.
Certainly, no new technology, stone mills promote much more than producing a lot of flour in a short time for users and consumers!
Stone mills grind slowly and before reaching high temperatures.
This slowness and simplicity is one of the key points in reaching the real taste of the crop.
Many people who first experience the grinded products in stone mills describe them by saying, “It has more taste”. [Button Link = “ In addition to the flavor, the flour prepared in the stone mill brings a higher nutrition. It grows wheat, barley without separating it from the ruusaym and bran.
However, these uncomfortable flour has one negative side. This is shorter than that of the shelf life compared to industrial white flour separated from dandruff and ruseym.
It is therefore important to grind the stone mill flour just before consumption and to be kept in really cool and dark environments. In fact, it is also wise to store such flour from the refrigerator on hot summer days.
Flour, which we cannot consume for a long time, can also be thrown into the freezer.
Are the flours produced with standard machines more beautifully or are those who are grinded in stone mills?
The answer to this question is simple and clear. Flours grinded in the stone mill tend to swell better.
This is due to the starch that is not interrupted by metal blades during grinding. nler/ How does the stone mill work? -Is there really stones in these mills?
These mills work thanks to two stones, one fixed, one moving with a simple mechanism.
The power that makes the stones work can be manpower, electricity, or water or wind in an older way.
Regardless of what is ground in the stone mills, it is not grinded with blades. The mechanism aims to bring them to the desired subtlety by crushing and breaking them.

Which flours are made in the stone mill? It brings this unlimited range according to the nature of the mill used.
Basically, wheat, barley, oats are obtained.
Side wheat products such as bulgur and shout are produced.
Hard pulses such as lentils, chickpeas, beans can be grinded and gluten -free alternative flour can be produced.
With these mills, it is possible to grind coffee, spices and prepare fruit flour with oil seed powders and vegetables.
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