Laden plant is a healing plant with wonderful pink and white flowers grown in the Aegean and Mediterranean region.
Where does Laden plant grow? Now buy It grows spontaneously in nature, and it is seen especially in forested lands of cones. It opens its colorful flowers in the early summer. The leaf parts of the plant are adhesive.
Laden grass, dry state, fresh and distilled oil is used. The flower leaves of the plant are used from all parts of the body.
Laden Rose is often referred to with the names of Karağan.
What are the benefits of Cistus Creticus?
What are the benefits of cable plant? Laden plant is a plant often used in the treatment of skin problems.
Remedies for nail mushrooms.
It accelerates the healing of infections and wounds in the skin.
It passes rashes in infants.
It relieves itching due to allergies on the skin.
Removes eczema.
Aphthae, herpes, such as oral and mouth circumference of wounds in a short time to disappear.
Supports acne and acne treatment.
Karagan is an important product in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector. It is preferred in the cosmetic sector for skin healing effects. It is known that some cough syrups and lozenges contain laden.

How to use Laden plant? Laden is used by brewing like tea. Prepared tea can be drunk or the skin can be treated with a cotton to the desired areas with the help of a cotton. If Laden tea is consumed excessively, it has a sleep kidnapper and constiptive effect.
[Button Link = “” color = “purple” newwindow = “Yes”] 1 teaspoon of fresh or dry spruce grass is sufficient to prepare. If Laden grass is to be applied to the skin, it should be used with its pulp without draining.
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Laden oil prepared by distillation Laden oil; Laden contains the effects of the plant more strongly. Laden oil is used especially due to the effect of passing scars.
Instead of applying Laden oil directly to the skin, it is more convenient to use with pure olive oil.
Dried spruce flowers, buds and crown leaves can be prepared in pure olive oil and oil can be prepared. This oil can be used directly on the skin. Laden oil, which has an effect on focusing, is also a meditative species. It can breathe using incense.
Contrary to Laden grass, the distilled oil is not suitable for consumption by drinking. It should only be used externally on the skin.
Laden oil is not a harmful to reaching the sun after applying to the skin, it is not an oil that causes staining.
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