Fruit sugar shows research all over the world, people consume vegetables and fruit far below the ideal daily fruit and vegetable portions. So, one of the reasons for this could be they want to stay away from fruit sugar? So what is fruit sugar really? Is this sugar harmful to our health? Let’s take a closer look at the answers to these questions!
What is fruit sugar? As the name suggests, the sugar that the fruit is naturally contained is called fruit sugar. Another name of this sugar is “Fructose ..
Studies showing that high amounts of fructose adversely affect our health.
High fructose amount; Blood pressure, lubrication around the waist, type 2 diabetes, gout and heart – vascular disease, which causes high uric acid level is directly associated.
However, the amount of fructose in the fruit is relatively low and this fructose is completely natural fructose.
In other words, fruits are not in the same guire as products such as entirely artificial fructose syrup with additional sugar content!

Is fruit sugar harmful to our health? By eating fruit, it is actually very difficult for us to take fructose to risk our health. In order for this situation to happen, we need to consume excessive amounts of fruit.
So it is not harmful for us to consume fruit and therefore fruit sugar with ideal portions for us.
In addition, fresh fruits have sugar, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and water content as well as sine qua non for our health.
What we need to stay away from is not fruits but artificial sugar added fructose syrups and all products using these syrups!
It should not be forgotten that our whole body, especially our brain, needs sugar but only real and correct sugar. We provide this right sugar from fruits and vegetables.

A few tips! If you follow a diet with low carbohydrate, low sugar content; Fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, kiwi, melon, watermelon and avocado are ideal for you, suitable for your diet.
It is not always the right option to prefer fruit juice instead of consuming fruit. Because, the fiber in the content of the fruits allows the sugar to pass into the blood more slowly, which is the healthy one. When the fruits are squeezed into water, the fiber ratios are decreased visibly. Thus, there is a loss of vitamins and minerals and the sugar passes into the blood much faster.
If you prefer fruit juice to the fruit from time to time, it is necessary to give priority to products that do not contain additional sugar. In fact, it is the ideal to squeeze yourself and consume freshly if possible. If you prefer slow juicer machines that crush the juice instead of smashing fruits instead of standard juice squeezing machines, vitamins and mineral loss will decrease.
It should not be forgotten that the amount of sugar of pineapple, mango, melon and watermelon is higher than others. The consumption of these fruits should be more careful.
Dried fruits are higher than fresh sugar content. But the dry ones; Vitamin, minaret and fiber ratio is much much higher. Dry fruits; Reduces inflammation, facilitates digestion and supports overall health. Feel free to add dried fruits to your controlled diet.
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