The new moon ritual offers us a new opportunity for determining, affirmation and purification of each new month time.
The new moon times are also perfect for throwing new seeds and focusing. In this article, we will focus on effective new moon rituals!
The new moon phase is every month stage; It is related to different stages or evolution of a target, intention or cycle.
When we understand the energy at every stage, we can work on them through rituals to increase the power of our intentions.
If we speak astrologically, the sun and the moon can be defined as times when new months occur when it is exactly the same in the same sign.
The new moon time is also considered as time to set short and long -term goals.

How does the energy of the moon affect us? The moon cycle starts with the new moon and is the perfect time to identify intentions, intentions and start new projects according to twins.
“The new months are realized once a month and pointing to the beginning of a cycle, we can think of them as a cosmic reset.
Knowing that the new moon gives us a two -week and six -month window to move towards these intentions, every new bear can use it to clarify the goals you will develop while growing up to the fullness.

New Moon Rituals
New Moon Intellectual Ritual
Since new months are completely related to setting intentions and targets, only new targeting is considered a mascara. It is important to spend time and focus on this. In this process, the following steps can be followed:
Prepare a sacred space for yourself in the new month.
Burning a candle or sage, sitting alone in a comfortable position.
Take a paper and pencil with you.
Turn off your phone and make sure that no one will bother you.
Close your eyes. To connect with your body, put one hand on your heart and the other hand on your abdomen and take deep breaths.
Ask yourself what you want the most: Do you want a more suitable career for you? Do you want to start a relationship? Do you want more vitality?
Pay attention to how the answer feels in your body, focus on it.
Check if the answers are giving you peace and refreshment?
Take advantage of the power of raised emotions by allowing you to feel grateful to reaching your goal. Feel this in your body.
Open your eyes and write to declare your intention.
Express in a positive way. For example, “I am happy to create a mutual loving marriage.”
This ritual is especially ideal when the moon is in a fire sign (ram, lion or bow).
Determine your intention in the new month and write and write a new candle close.
Choose a candle in a color that suits your intention.
Keep working with this intention until the full moon.
Continue to write your intention, focus and burn the candle.
Pay attention to the blocks you encounter and in the full moon, write what you want to release, close to the full moon. 369 ritual 369 method is a popular technique that includes a repeated intention or approval during the day.
You can continue to do this method every day until the full moon, from the new month to two weeks later:
Write your affirmation three times as soon as you wake up in the morning.
Write down six times in the afternoon.
Write off your affirmation nine times before going to bed.

The new moon vision board work is a powerful way to work with any intention or intentions you have identified, making a visual representation of a visual representation of what you want your goals and life to look.
The new moon is the perfect time to sit down with your empty board and bring together visual elements that inspire and revive you.
When it is completed, you can put it in a place where you will see every day to remind you what you are working on. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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