SUH grass or a name with its name is a valuable plant that is commonly known in our province of Van and gives its flavor to Van Herba cheese.
This plant grows widely in Van and also in certain regions of Iran. Get to know Golpar and Persian Hogweed in the world.
Latin Name: Heracleum Persicum
SUH PLANT Also named: Sov, sample, Golpar regions are often 1500 – 2000 high altitude and wetlands. It grows spontaneously on the fields and roadside. Harvest is done in spring.
The plant has umbrella -like flowers and large leaves. The seeds are quite aromatic, fragrant. Like seeds, the stalk and leaf parts are fragrant. The taste is slightly pity. This taste and odor is used in van herbal cheese. In addition, in pickles, the plant is frequently used in areas where it grows due to this smell and taste.
The seed parts of the plant are edible. For this reason, after the harvest is dried, it is grinded and added to spice mixtures.
This seed powder is widely used in Iranian cuisine. In addition to pickles, pomegranate, pomegranate, buttermilk is compatible with.
Pickles from leaves and stems are also dried. Carnation, poet and red filling pepper, salt and vinegar are added to the last grass.
What are the benefits of Suh plant? Antioxidant is a rich plant.
It has breast milk -enhancing effect.
It can relax the complaint of bloating. Supporting digestion.
Toxin can support the excretion of toxin from the body.
It is believed to have a memory strengthening effect.
Balances blood sugar. The positive effect of the plant on blood sugar is also supported by various studies.

SUH PLANT IS IN THE INFORMATION? It is not possible to find the plant easily in herbal. Rarely, plant can be obtained from herbal transfers. In the Van region, it is much easier to supply the plant.
How to use Suh grass? Flowers, leaves, stalks and seed parts of the plant can be used in various forms. It is most often blended with cheese in Van. The cheese balances the bitter taste of grass deliciously.
With this plant, pickles are also installed and the dry tea of ​​the plant can be brewed.
Is Suh grass angel the same? No, even if these two plants are frequently mixed, two are two different species. Suh corresponds to the Latin Heracleum Persicum plant; Angel grass is mixed with Latin Angelica Archangelica L. or Angelica sylvestris plants. nedir- ne-se-yarar/ You can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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