Pechoti method is a method often using essential oils. In this method, essential oils are applied by massaging the navel. And it is thought that fats will be taken into the body from this region.
It is generally preferred for relaxation and mouth cutting effects.
It is known that many essential oils may have both pain reducing and calming effects when applied to the skin.
The name of the method was named after the Pechoti gland, which is thought to exist in the belly region.
Does the Pechoti method work? This method is based on Ayurveda medicine. It focuses on connections between physical and mental health.
There is not enough scientific data that reveals that the method is completely useful. Information about whether the method works is usually based on user reviews.
Is the Pechoti method safe? Lubrication on the navel has no known side effects.
It is an important point as it can lead to pain.
It is another important point to dilute the oils that may be irritating skin, such as thyme oil.
Mint, tea tree or eucalyptus oil should not be applied in a large amount. It can cause pain and burning.
Make sure you prefer oils that are not allergic for the application.

How to apply the Pechoti method? The work is diluted in an essential oil carrier oil.
The belly button and the surrounding area are washed and cleaned and expected to dry.
It is extended to a comfortable place and a few drops of oil are dripped into the navel. It is then waited for skin to absorb oil.
The oil is covered with a clean cloth or towel. And both thumbs or signs are slightly pressed into the navel at the same time with the medium and ring finger. This time lasts up to 1 -2 minutes.
The pressure should not be too much.

Which oils are used? What is Pechoti Oil? For pain and tension, hemp seed oil,
Tea tree oil for skin problems, irritation and inflammation,
Mint oil and ginger oil for nausea complaints and intestinal problems,
Neem oil can be preferred to reinforce skin and hair health.
In summary, it is not known exactly how effective this method can be applied by dropping various volatile oils to the navel. Testing the method as a completely alternative method does not have any side effects when applied with safe essential oils. ne-le-yarar/ You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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